WEST BLOOMFIELD (WWJ) – West Bloomfield school administrators and Orchard Lake police are following some leads as they look for at least two people who vandalized 18 school buses.

School for thousands of students in the West Bloomfield district was canceled Monday after the buses, parked at the district’s transportation yard in Orchard Lake, had tires flattened and wires yanked out.

District spokeswoman Pamela Zajac told WWJ Newsradio 950 security video at the bus yard shows where the vandals entered the lot. Investigators are also looking at footprints and say the suspects may be female because one has a long ponytail.

Administrators and police are working to enhance the video.

Zajac said if middle school or high school students were involved, they could be expelled.

Earlier Monday, WWJ’s Vickie Thomas spoke with Deputy School Superintendent Tom Goulding.

“I didn’t expect this call this morning, the beginning of our second semester,” said Goulding. “It’s very unfortunate for our parents and our kids and our staffs that this had to happen.”

Goulding said that they haven’t put a price tag on damages yet.

The district was hoping to reopen on Tuesday.

(You can check the latest school closings anytime at this link.)

Comments (3)
  1. racerboy says:

    Expelled??? You are joking, right? What union-based public school system in America is going to do that? These kids will get 3 days off and be able to laugh and brag to their friends at what they accomplished. And we taxpayers get to foot the bill. Tough talk…you just wait and see what actually happens. BTW- where the heck were the parents of these kids? This stuff always begins with extremely poor parenting.

  2. Jim says:

    When caught and identified, their names, addresses and phone numbers (cell and home) need to be posted so the whole world can see them. I suppose they will eventually join the “occupy someplace” movement because they have been downtrodden and treated unfairly. I’m just sayin’!

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