By Vickie Thomas

DETROIT (WWJ) – A tentative contract agreement has been reached with a major coalition of unions and the City of Detroit.

WWJ’s Vickie Thomas reports the tentative deal came together Wednesday night and was signed at around 10:30 p.m. after lengthy negotiations.

The coalition represents about 6,000 civilian or non-uniform city workers. This contract does not include police officers, firefighters or water department workers.

While details aren’t being released, an AFSCME union official said the concessions “will achieve the savings the city is looking for.” And a spokeswoman for Mayor Bing said there are some loose ends to tie up, but is confident the deal will be finalized.

Attorney Richard Mack, who represents AFSCME Council 25, which took the lead in negotiation, said this is not a permanent solution. However, he said it is what the city needs to thrive.

“We know that it gets the city where it needs to be. And in order to preserve the jobs that we have and enjoy, and to preserve the city that we love so dearly, we hope that people look positively on this,” Mack said. “It’s encouraging to see that parties saw the need to really help the city get outta hock … to get into the black.”

Mack said they’re still waiting to see what uniformed workers decide to do before the agreement is finalized.

Wednesday’s tentative deal was reached as a state review team is inspecting Detroit’s finances as part of the process to determine if an emergency manager is needed. (More on this here).

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