By Christy Strawser
CBS Detroit Managing Editor
Apparently, once  blue is in your blood it never goes away — even if you become a multi-millionaire pop mega-star.

While promoting her halftime performance at this weekend’s Super Bowl, superstar Madonna told the NFL Network she’s also working to convince daughter Lourdes Leon to attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Madonna, who grew up in Rochester and Bay City, Mich., briefly attended U-M on a dance scholarship before hoofing it to New York to claim fame and fortune. Madonna made this revelation during an interview with Rich Eisen on the NFL Network.

“Go Blue,” Eisen said.

“Go Blue,” Madonna responded, before saying she wants Lourdes to follow in her footsteps and attend Michigan.

“I want my daughter to go to school there,” Madonna said. “I’m working it. I keep telling her Ann Arbor is an awesome place.”

Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter with her former trainer Carlos Leon, is a 15-year-old budding fashionista with her own clothing and makeup line aimed at tweens. Saying she’s stubborn and willful, Madonna recently described Lourdes during an interview as a “chip off the old block.”

Lourdes has grown up in New York, Los Angeles and London, and has always attended private schools.

Madonna’s desire for her daughter to come back to her own Midwestern roots to attend a Big 10 school could be considered ironic because the superstar doesn’t exactly promote her humble beginnings.

She  made waves in the 1980s by telling interviewers she came from a “smelly little town.” She later clarified during a concert at the Pontiac Silverdome, saying the Dow Chemical Plant in Bay City “smells bad,” not “the people.”

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