By a) Mike Stone

While she talked glowingly about her home state at last week’s Super Bowl conference, Madonna is not exactly putting her money where her mouth is. Her 2012 World Tour has been announced and for the third time in her last four tours, the Rochester native will not play here. She opens the tour in Israel and closes it in Atlanta. Obviously European cities such as Moscow, St .Petersburg,and Warsaw, in addition to Kansas City and Cleveland, are more palatable to the “Material Girl”.

I think it’s laughable she wants her daughter to attend the University of Michigan but frequently shuns the area she grew up in. However, I do see the upside. At venues similar to the Palace and Joe Louis Arena, Madonna is charging anywhere from $60 to $375 a ticket, with most of them being on the more expensive side. So look at it this way: If you really are a big Madonna fan, you can drive to Chicago, Toronto, or Cleveland or save the money and make your car payment.

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  1. Brad says:

    There are plenty of open dates on the tour schedule right now, and won’t be surprised if Detroit is added later. I believe on her last tour, the Ford Field date was a late addition. If she plays this time around, its almost certain it won’t be Ford Field again due to a struggle in filling up the place (thanks to expensive tickets).

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