There is bad news on the sports front. The New York Giants won Super Bowl XLVI Sunday night 21-17 over the New England Patriots.

So why is that bad? It is bad because the new world order has been disrupted. Now Giants quarterback Eli Manning has officially been entered into the discussion as elite quarterback and championship quarterback. It does a couple of things. For one it screws Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Seeing Stafford play in the Pro Bowl means a lot to Lions fans. Well you can forget that now. The top three spots in the NFC are reserved for Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, New Orleans QB Drew Brees and Manning. You figure one of those three will play in multiple Super Bowls the next few years so it is possible Stafford makes it as an alternate. The problem is he still must leap frog Cam Newton and Tony Romo.

Click HERE to read the full blog from Terry Foster


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