By e) Doug Karsch

Doug Karsch caught up with Michigan goaltender Shawn Hunwick about the upcoming game against Michigan State this weekend at Joe Louis Arena. Hunwick isn’t worried about being 26th earlier this season since they have now moved up to 2nd. Hunwick thinks Michigan is rolling and could be a tough team in the tournament. Doug also asks Hunwick about being one of the best goalies in the country, take a listen to Hunwick’s answer below.

  1. David Clever says:

    Hey Doug, time for a funny radio bit about U-M football commits tweeting…Yuri Wright looks tame!!! U-M once again proven to be hypocrites—they were not going to get Yuri Wright, so bad-mouth him publicly—only to have it blow up in their face with ACCEPTED commits tweets!! The stench coming out of AA never ceases to amaze.

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