ROCHESTER HILLS — PAT Engineering USA this week announced a dealership agreement with Florida-based Solarbeam International for the design and bidding of solar-powered security systems.

The dealership agreement will allow PAT USA to sell Solarbeam’s equipment in the United States, Iraq, Qatar, Guam and Kuwait. These territories are significant to PAT, since each of these countries encompasses an office from the PAT Group of international EPIC construction companies.

“Generally, American companies cannot compete with China when it comes to basic solar panels,” said Rick Weaver, Vice President of PAT USA, “But with the integration of solar and innovative cutting-edge technology, American companies gain a strategic advantage well received in the Middle East and Europe.”

Moreover, various Middle Eastern and European regions are so sun-drenched that analysts guarantee sunshine and clear skies for more than 300 days a year in many locations; where energy consumption is associated to the availability of sunlight. Solar energy is extremely important for these regions, especially since it is the most natural (and ample) substitute to fossil fuel.

Solarbeam International, a Florida-based company operating under a license from Solarbeam Security LLC, is a perimeter security research, development and manufacturing company. The company is dedicated to the implementation of wireless solar-powered perimeter security systems in over fifteen different niche areas.

PAT Engineering USA is one of several companies that form the PAT Group of International EPIC Construction Companies. The companies specialize in construction, engineering, high-end security systems, green energy, procurement and IT. Today, there are PAT offices on three Continents and are continuously expanding.

For more information about PAT Engineering USA or Solarbeam International, please visit their websites at: or, respectively.

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