Citizens Alerted To Coyote Sightings

HARPER WOODS (WWJ) – Schools in the area of I-94 and Moross were on alert Thursday morning after a coyote was spotted in the city.

According to Harper Woods police, coyote sightings are becoming increasingly more common in the area.

A coyote is similar in appearance to a medium size German shepherd, usually averaging around 20-30 pounds. They are usually grayish-brown, often with a patch of fur on their chests. Their tails are bushy and held downward when running.

Police say coyotes have a natural fear of humans and normally will avoid human contact. They are not generally considered a danger to humans, though they have been known to kill small pets in backyards. Police say you should not try to approach them or feed them.

Anyone who spots is asked to call their local police.

  • Pam O'Brien

    Not Nice! You mentioned that people can get coyote away or ??? But then never told us how.

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