On the heels of his triumphant state of the county address, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson called in to Charlie Langton’s show to respond to Democratic Rep. Dave Woodward’s comments on the show earlier this week. At that time, Woodward said Patterson should reduce the number of deputies working under him and he claimed unemployment in Oakland County has quadrupled in the last 10 years.

Patterson called the unemployment claim “stupid,” said he was making “dumb comments,” and talked about battling back from an awful economy. About reducing the number of deputies, Patterson said these people are expert in what they do, are necessary for the success of the county, and that one of them offers Woodward advice on a daily basis. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Other highlights: There are aspects of Kilpatrick that he misses, talked about the terrible financial situation in Pontiac, discussed the unwillingness of communities to consolidate, and weighed in on the Pete Hoekstra ad controversy.

Listen to the interview: Brooks Patterson

  1. Dr. Leo Marvin says:

    Brooks Patterson is usually down-in-the-gutter drunk every day. It’s time for that old toad to retire and spend the rest of years down at Del Boca Vista (Phase 3) with Morty Seinfeld and the gang!

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