Appreciate The Skin We’re In

Did you know that our skin is the biggest organ in our body? And, it’s an important one, too. It protects our bodies and helps us regulate body temperature. There are three layers of it.

The very outside of our skin is called the epidermis. We lose about 30 to 40 thousand skin cells from this layer every minute. It just flakes off.  New skin cells constantly form at the bottom of our epidermis. They work their way up to replace the dead skin cells.

The body’s nerve endings, blood vessels and glands (oil and sweat) are found in the second layer called the dermis. Touch something hot and the nerve endings send a message to the brain that signals the hand to pull away from the heat.

The subcutaneous (sub-kyoo-tay-nee-us) layer is made mostly of fat. It helps hold your skin to the tissues that are underneath it. It’s also where hair starts to grow in its follicle.

If we didn’t have skin, our bones and other inside parts would be hanging out – all the more reason to appreciate the skin we’re in!

Content provided by Oakland University


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