How many times have you told your kids that if they eat too much candy they’ll get a cavity? While your kids are probably familiar with this term, they may question the truth behind your ranting. Because February is Children’s Dental Health month, take a minute and explain yourself.

Cavities are decayed areas of the tooth that form into tiny openings or holes. There are three types. 1. A smooth surface cavity forms on the side of the tooth. 2. A root cavity occurs lower on the surface, over the root of the tooth. 3. A pit and fissure cavity forms on the top part of the tooth – the bumpy part where you chew.

The main causes of cavities include sipping too many sugary drinks, not brushing well enough and frequent snacking. Symptoms include toothache or sensitivity, pain when drinking hot and cold liquids or biting down on food.

Before the decay destroys the tooth even further, schedule a check up with your family dentist and encourage good brushing and flossing habits with your children so their teeth will last a lifetime!

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Content provided by Oakland University


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