By i) Pat Caputo

The Red Wings will be going for their 21st straight home victory tonight against Dallas, which would break the NHL record. They currently share the record with the 1930 Boston Bruins and 1976 Philadelphia Flyers at 20. The Flyers record is considered somehow more “pure” by many because there was no overtime, nor shootout rule, at the time. The Flyers won all 20 of those games in regulation time. There was overtime during the regular season in 1930, and a couple of the Bruins’ wins during the streak were in overtime. There was no shootout that season.

To some, this has tainted the Red Wings’ share of the current record, or if they were to break it tonight.

I don’t feel that way.

The fact it has only been twice in league history makes it an incredible accomplishment. Secondly, it has not been done since overtime was brought back to the NHL in the 1983-84 season. Nor since the shootout was added in 2005-06.

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  1. Bob Cesario says:

    Of course it’s legit. How can a rule change make any difference? There have been many changes in the game since the Bruins first win streak. Does that make any accomplishment any less signifcant? No matter how you look at it, it’s a win streak no other team has accomplished since the Flyers mid-seventies streak, even by todays standards.

  2. Spencer Rynberg says:

    I think it’s an even more impressive feat. OT and the shootout were added to give more teams a better chance to win.

  3. Andrew says:

    Terry, most of the time i love ya brother, but after watching the grammies over the wings i think something happened in your sleep you have become insane. This is hockey nation, red wings nation that being said, you’re opion might be aired on the radio but no one agrees therefore insignificant to any logical supporting detail of how the bruins/flyers had it tougher and was harder for them to reach 20 games. You are giving more credit to a less talented players, goalies and rules were different. Put the boston bruins phily flyers on a 20 game spree against the teams the red wings have played. Both teams would lose without the ability to be rough and tough like they were years ago. Simple slap shots were scored. YOU ARE INSANE MY MAN!! But as a media standpoint in stirring up the pot and creating callers, kudos. Just give in and realize the wings had it a lot rougher in the streak they have gone on.

  4. Logic says:

    Let’s see …..
    3 SHOOTOUT wins during the streak …
    1 OT win during the streak …

    So IF they want to compare this to the Flyers or Bruins streak:
    Those are 4 TIES, NOT WINS, PEOPLE.

    The “streak” ends when the first SHOOTOUT win is encountered.

    Have fun celebrating the FAUX STREAK … anybody with any logic in their brains knows it does not compare to the existing streaks.

    Simply ridiculous.

  5. bcesario says:

    Hey Logic – No matter how spin this, IT’S A WIN STREAK! Using your logic, we should restart the clock every time there is a rule change, additional team, etc. Shoot – back in the 20’s, there were only six teams, win streaks were easy then. Also, using your logic, OT’s and SO’s shouldn’t count for anything. So, why even keep track of that information? Sounds like sour grapes to me. It’s the Wings, and there are those who hate the Wings, and hate that they continue to be a powerhouse – 20 years in a row.

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