DETROIT (WWJ) – The United Auto Workers Union is fighting back, taking issue with GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s attacks on the union’s role in the auto industry bailout.

In a video statement from the UAW, union member Jeff Klayo said Romney has picked the wrong target.

“When Romney attacked (UAW President) Bob King it was personal, because it affected all of us,” Klayo said. “(It affects) me that works hard, it affects the line workers that work hard, it affects the people that supply our company that work hard. It’s wrong.”

UAW member Stacie Steward said every Michigan citizen should be “appalled” by Romney’s statement that the government should have let General Motors and Chrysler go bankrupt.

She says Romney has it all wrong.

“The UAW took a lot of concessions. We had to to survive. We had to to move forward, to become profitable. And to see someone attack the person who is out there fighting for you every day is very offensive,” Stweard said.

King accuses Romney of trying to rewrite history and mislead voters. Romney maintains he supported a “managed bankruptcy” for GM and Chrysler but said President Obama “gave” the companies to the UAW.

King said that is simply not true.

Romney talked about the auto industry bailout in an interview Friday morning on WWJ Newsradio 950. Listen at this link.


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