Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist and engineer of 355 inventions, most notably dynamite, founded the Nobel Prizes to recognize dedicated professionals who improve the world’s communities through science, humanity and literature.

In his will, Nobel established that his fortune be used to award people whose contributions to their field benefitted mankind. He identified the fields as physics, chemistry, peace, physiology or medicine, and literature.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awards the international honors annually based on the guidelines formed more than 115 years ago. Recipients of the Nobel Prizes receive a gold medal, money from the Nobel Foundations fund and prestige.

Three American presidents, while they were in office, received the Nobel Peace Prize for maintaining and promoting peace among nations. They are Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Barack Obama. Former president Jimmy Carter received his in 2002.

Use the Nobel Prize winners to encourage your children to dedicate themselves in their studies and at being their personal best.

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  1. Bill Lipton says:

    You have a factual error. While the Nobel Peace Prize committee is in Oslo, the other Nobel prizes are from Stockholm.

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