LANSING (WWJ) – Some state lawmakers will be considering legislation to loosen restrictions on tasers… for the sake of public safety.

The House Judiciary Committee this week is expected to approve legislation to legalize concealed tasers to help fight crime. WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick, who spoke with the bill’s sponsor in the Senate, asked whether this effort can really deter crime.

“I hope so,” was the response of Senator Goeff Hansen.

“It certainly deterred crime when we put the CPL license in place years ago. They said it was going to be the wild west and what happened was crime went down because they didn’t know that if somebody was going to be carrying a pistol. Now we’re going to give that same option for tasers,” says Hansen.

Hansen says, “We’re allowing people that have concealed pistol license to carry deadly force, they’re able to carry a pistol. We’re giving an option for less than deadly force, something that study after study has shown is not deadly.”

Senator Hansen hopes to get his bill out of a House committee later this week.

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  1. Truth says:

    Oh goodie! Does this mean we will be able to tase the lying politicians and the crooked cops? Ask and you shall receive. Perfect solution to get rid of corruption out of all the REAL THIEVES that try to treat us like criminals when they are the lying thieves that STEAL the American peoples money and then BUY their elections to keep more crooks in power.

  2. Susan says:

    These weapons put terror into ordinary people because if the police have them, from experience, they use them when they are not necessary. The latest is a 15-year old girl who ran from her house handcuffed, pursued by 260lb policeman who tasered her in the back; she fell and was killed from the fall. He was cleared by his police department. In Canada a taser killed a man from a heart attack and now they can’t use them above the waist. I’ve seen a tasar used on a mother with three kids in the car who merely asked the officer why she was being stopped. No threats, no resistance. I also watched an officer taser an elderly woman who rolled into a ditch behing her car, when she questioned why she was being stopped. Some Policemen are very angry people and this is the perfect weapon, not deadly, but creates terrible fear in people. A good weapon if the government ever decides to use them on those people that are being arrested if they are suspected of being terrorists, but aren’t. they can be jailed without due process, no attorney, no nothing and don’t ask questions or I will taser you.

  3. dwy says:

    SUSAN you are a badass!!!!!I hate tasers and the false claim they are SAFE it is a pure lie guns are safer since most people have been using them for a long time and they know its deadly!When u put a so called non lethal weapon in someones hand they will abuse that and realize that a taser IS a VERY LETHAL WEAPON!!!!!I read they can penetrate and brake through your skull if shot in the head!!!!

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