Toy Guns Becoming A Criminal Offense?

DETROIT (WWJ) – State lawmakers are currently reviewing legislation that targets the use of certain toy guns. A planned proposal before the Senate would make it a crime to possess a toy gun that has its required markings removed or by having a real gun that is made up to look like a toy.

State Senate Republican Rick Jones said that this has become a major problem, especially within the gang community. “People are taking imitation firearms that look real, cutting off the orange end and then threatening people,” he said.

Supporters of the proposed legislation have also cited a recent case where a police officer was forced to shoot a gang member who was aiming a toy gun without its required markings. Jones believes this proposal will be vital in preventing incidents such as this from occurring in the future.

“This is an important package to control this problem,” Jones said.

If the legislation is passed, people who possess these toy guns and use it to commit a felony, would be punishable for up to 18 months behind bars and be subject to fines.


  • sleeplesnmich

    omg so simple a brainless wonder could fix this issue, mandate all toys guns must be made of red plastic..and leave off any major realistic detailing.

  • Tweets at 06:10 PM, February 21 from Seattle

    […] Toy Guns Becoming A Criminal Offense In Michigan? Michigan state lawmakers are currently reviewing legislation that targets the use of certain toy guns. A planned proposal before the Senate would make it a crime to possess a toy gun that has its required markings removed or by having a real gun that is made up to look like a toy. […]

  • meister

    Lets see, tried Painting bright colors FAIL, Tried stupid Brite Ends FAIL, tried who knows what else FAIL, suppose they carve them out of WOOD and paint them?

    Why OUTLAW PAint of course.

    The Beast Lives in all, just have your back against the wall, and you to will be OUTLAWED.

    Let’s get MORE stupid, more Rediculous and by all means MORE GIRLIE Amerika…

    That WILL Solve the problems.

  • cezarbutwyper

    all you people are idiots.

  • Dude

    This is poorly written story. Read the first paragraph, then read the last one. Two completely different stories. Which is it?

  • Joe

    Why are these idiots trying to make more laws. We need less laws.

  • Rick

    Take the guns away from the cops. That way no one will get accidentally shot by a cop. Simple and effective.

  • Jerry Brandt

    If you obey the law and show respect to the police then you will not have any problems. However if you show disrespect then pay the penalty. I absolutely admire our policemen and women. I would not want their job. Show respect and get respect.

  • billybeer

    It’s great that Michigan,and especially Detroit have gotten their other problems so well handled that this is being front paged.
    Has anybody seen the pictures of Detroit and Hiroshima circa 1946, and the pictures of the two cities circa 2012? Vote Democrat!!!!!

  • Lex Terrae

    This is just the legislators’ admissions that they have failed miserably to fix the problem of gangs in this country. For the most part, efforts made by legislators to stop gangs is – just like this one – aimed at the law-abiding public. For anyone to assume that such a law would make even the least dent in gang behavior is beyond the pale of ignorance – but, then, we have legislators demonstrating their ignorance daily.

    No! The solution can only come about when the entire criminal justice system as it has come to be is dismantled and reassembled. The entire system today exists to support those who participate in it, not to decrease crime and improve safety for law abiding citizens. Ask yourself, how many lawyers would have to find other work if criminal recidivism were reduced by 90%? How many judges? Parole officers? Social workers? Policemen? Judges? By how much would the tax burden be reduced to say nothing of the reduction in crimes against property and persons? The problem is the damned fools who cannot or will not fix the system.

    • davec

      “No! The solution can only come about when the entire criminal justice system as it has come to be is dismantled and reassembled”

      No, that entire system is un Constitutional and should never have been allowed to exist.

      NO where in any Constitution is “law enforcement” allowed.

      • dcgirl

        The government has a legal duty to keep its citizens safe from harm from others. That is about the ONLY thing that the government is doing that is constitutional – military and law enforcement are constitutional. Now, of course there are many LAWS that are NOT constitutional. That’s what needs to be fixed.

  • Joe Doakes

    Why solve real problems when you can solve fake ones and get the credit!

  • Mort Adella

    Cutting through all the chaff, we realize that it is the breakdown of ethics
    and morality in certain communities across the country that has caused us to
    deal with this ridiculous law. Parents not instructing children about harming others….parents leaving loaded weapons around the house and not secured properly……children not going to church where they will be taught about moral behavior. When you research this phenomenon, you find that the downward spiral began when the welfare system was put into effect. Dependency on government leads to social decay.

  • Juan77

    Natural Selection moves at lightning speed in Detroit.

  • ariel

    Born and raised in Michigan. Have lived in a free state (i.e. elsewhere) since 1992. And people wonder why I say I’ll NEVER willingly move back to Michigan. Here’s yet another case in point.

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  • Imi Grant

    Well…guess I’ll have to go and get a REAL gun. That’s still legal, isn’t it??

  • Socialist Pig

    There is no constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear toy guns.

    • davec

      @ Socialist Pig

      There is no constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear toy guns.”

      Clearly youre a fool who has never READ the Constitution. The C grants no rights of any kind.

      Id explain it, but you wouldnt understand

  • stopthe

    If our law enforcement weren’t bullies and chicken sh-ts, and if the people weren’t scared sh-tless of guns because they are all pansies and have been brought up to be as dependent and as scared as children in the face of real danger – then this would never be an issue.

    This law is a hallmark of how ridiculous American society has become. May collapse come soon so we can rebuild something sensible from the rubble of this nonsense.

  • jadams76

    In other news the Democrat controlled Detroit city council has outlawed “Strike Anywhere Kitchen Matches” after discovering, as the council President stated,”You can strike these matches ANYWHERE and start a fire! It even says so on the package. What they don’t tell you is you don’t even have to be in the kitchen!”
    The council released a statement supporting the measure claiming,”If it stops even one unintended fire it will be worth it.”

    Later today a measure will be voted on to require all scissors be made of rubber as children could hurt themselves running with metal ones. Also in the name of hygiene a law was passed declaring all underwear must be changed three times a day. In compliance with the law underwear is to worn on the outside so inspectors can more easily check.

    • Incredulous

      Don’t give them any more Ideas : )

  • jnsesq

    LOL! Morons.

  • sgfseg

    The current restrictions on toy guns are inappropriate. All fully and semi automatic toys need to be regulated. if we require a similar license like Illinois to buy ammunition for caps and plastic darts and plastic BBs when can regulate the toy gun industry and prevent future problems. I am concerned by the growing problem of small mexican children obtaining illegal toy fire arms from the USA. We need to stem this growing problem. In addition we should disarm all our nuclear weapons to unilaterally placate foreign powers that we are not aggressors and take all private firearms from our citizens We also need to have orange tips on all toy knives as well to distinguish them from real switchblades and bowie knives. Snap caps and firecrackers are terrorist weapons ans also need to be banned. Large sticks and clubs are also dangerous and need to be regulated. kitchen knives need to be dull and less than 3 bottle shall be banned as well.

  • Sick of the Lies

    They need to stop worrying about gun laws and get back to what they are paid to do. Make sure we have a republican form of government, not the republican party either, as the constitution says we are to have. Get a grip, this is non sense. And we have an unalienable right to keep and bear arms, no questions asked and no one can refuse, unalienable means can not be taken away. Most people in the country don’t even know what our highest law is, and even more don’t seem to care. There is a reason we have these rights, and they are not given to us by the government. Read the constitution people and realize why it was written the way it was. More and more all forms of government are imposing their will upon the people and saying they have the authority to do so because they are the government, and this is just a complete and total lie. The government employees are our SERVANTS not our masters.

  • Doc Rock

    Why don’t we just let

    Don’t worry about the Union trash we build new Federal Prisons every week to provide them a home

  • Mitchie124

    So, what has changed? I was able to walk down our street with pellet guns and 22 cal. rifles on my way to open land. We had realistic toy guns while growing up too. What’s wrong is that a police state is incrementally being imposed on the people. it’s coming from many directions, but mostly from the U.N., who doesn’t care for our constitution or our individual rights, because they get in the way of their globalist nwo takeover of every sovereign nation!

  • MPena

    When toy guns are outlawed, only outlaws will still have real guns…without guns, we cannot defend the 2nd Admendment or even ou rConstitution.

  • NowSwimBack

    People still consider them our equals. LOL

    Thats what duh teee veee told me

  • allroadsleadtofema

    America with all of it’s silly laws. So much for being the home of the free.

  • Ed Padgett

    Most of you must be young and stupid and have believed all of the propaganda the media and schools tell you.

    We played with guns when I was a child (but, we had respect for people). You stupid parents do not make your children mind. That’s really what scares you. DO YOUR JOB.

  • Dave

    “If the legislation is passed, people who possess these toy guns and use it to commit a felony, would be punishable for up to 18 months behind bars and be subject to fines.”

    And that’ll be enough to convince someone so BRAINLESS as to point a toy gun at a cop is a bad idea it’ll work better than getting SHOT, eh?

    Yeah, “you hear about Leroy? He pointed that fake 9 at a cop the other day and he got FINED brah!! Whoa, don’t want that to happen to me!”…..

    We need to find a planet to ship fools like this to ‘cuz they sure are outta touch with this one.

  • Marv Luse

    What we need is a law making it illegal for lawmakers to propose stupid, meaningless, and ineffective laws. Like this one.

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  • cjmartel

    If you’re happy and you know it, clank your chains!!

  • Jim

    “Jones believes this proposal will be vital in preventing incidents such as this from occurring in the future.”

    Isn’t removing the markings, threatening someone, especially an officer all already illegal? Enforce the laws that are there, no need for new ones that will just be broken anyway. But I guess this means that our current real gun laws work though right? Otherwise these gangs wouldn’t have to use toy guns, they’d have the real deal.

  • SarasotaJim

    Good God Almighty! Have any of you been to Detroit lately? One (just one, though) of Detroit’s problems is gun control. The State of Michigan could solve 90 percent of its social and economic issues by issuing every resident of Wayne County a handgun. A big one. A let it be known they can use it. They’ll have a field day killing each other off and…presto!…decent people can live in peace again.

  • Edward

    “Supporters of the proposed legislation have also cited a recent case where a police officer was forced to shoot a gang member who was aiming a toy gun without its required markings.”

    I don’t get it. What is the problem? Toy or not, good riddance. The fact that he is part of a gang negates his right to live in my humble opinion!

  • dave

    total BS
    when we where kids we use to play army, , so now it would be a crime
    cops today are shoot happy.
    i understand the mind set, because i would do the same thing thing you point a gun at me an i will shoot you, BUT i will also know if it is a kid to hold, an use
    some common cence. before i pull the triger

  • Nuff said

    My God! Is this what America has become? You crank up the entire legislative machinery of a State to deal with an imaginary problem with toy guns? The entire process is geared to solving the non-problem of gang members taking an orange tip from a toy guns, pointing it at a cop and being killed (hopefully) ? Doesn’t the gang-memeber deserve to take some responsibility for his own death? Does one really think that yet another law will stop some one who is so stupid as to point a realistic toy gun at an obviously really armed cop from taking an orange tip off? This is so sad on so many levels I really despair. Are we to pass a law for each and every open and obvious form stupidity takes?

  • Shelia

    Things are running so perfectly in Detriot it is understandable elected officials are looking for something to do to appear to be useful and important// sarc

  • Adlele

    Once again, black people ruin everything.

  • John

    I see Rick Jones is up to his old tricks making useless laws.

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  • snafubar

    If toy guns are outlawed, then only outlaw children will have toy guns.

    • hallmark

      This has been the primary problem with the anti-gun liberals. They believe by eliminating gun ownership, they will eliminate killings. The problem is that the criminal doesn’t adhere to the law, and can easily obtain guns, as they do illegal drugs.

  • Sammi

    Don’t get me wrong here, but when I first saw this on my friend’s profile, I understood perfectly the logic behind this idea. When other people use toy guns to mess around, and then later threaten a person’s life, there should be some investigation before sending the person to jail, but it is still a high level of evidence. That constitutes the fact that when a mother uses a toy gun with her eight year old child, and then that child ends up dead, that the heart of it is probably the mother or the one who found the gun afterwards. When it comes to a child messing around with a gun, then I do not think there should be nearly as much time in jail as the older person (depending on how old the child is). You have an eight year old, I don’t know if they are mentally aware or not, but it depends. Common sense is a good artifact of character.

    • Sammi

      But for the most part, it’s the parent who should be blamed in relation to this whole setup.

  • cluelessinky

    I’m a bad guy who decides to paint the front of my real piece orange? A cop stops me sees the orange barrel and now has to decide – is it a fake gun that looks very real, or is it a real gun painted to look fake? And while the cop is deciding he gets a round through his head!

    I am of the belief that in order to be a politician one has to fail a standard IQ test. legislation such as this stands as proof that me belief has foundation

  • Steve

    Just what the dimoWits want yet another law. How about they enforce the laws they have now then worry about new ones.

    I doubt they do anything about criminals now.

  • steve

    Detroit, a cesspool of Muslims and Blacks.

  • Paolo

    This will insure the muslim terrorist population in Detroit feels safer and will enable them to train with real, illegal guns provided by Holder and Obama.

  • Cogito

    Better ban toothpicks…there more lethal than toy guns. Are they just conditioning the next generation to get used to the idea that all guns will be banned?

  • 2cents

    Rick Jones needs to get a real job but probably can’t. People like him are the problem.

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