BLOOMFIELD HILLS —  Eiram Creative, a Web site development and marketing firm, has just launched the new Business Improvement Team Web site. Eiram Creative was responsible for the design and development of the site.

The Business Improvement Team, established in 2009, is a group of consultants to band together to offer a wide variety of services.

The site is at   “The new Web site for Business Improvement Team displays the business sophistication of the team while also enhancing the functionality of Business Improvement Team site,” says Wanda Clouston of Eiram Creative. “We are delighted to create a new website for the Business Improvement Team and look forward to more opportunities to work with them and their clients.”

The Business Improvement Team’s member firms are Absolute Engineering & Consulting LLC, Clear Vision Strategy, Expense Reduction Analysts, Fletcher Business Solutions LLC, Franklin CIO Services LLC, Glass Retirement Strategies, Social Orgs,  Taligence HR, Tobias, Vandeputte & Skulsky, and Witzke Berry Carter & Wander PLLC.

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