DETROIT (WWJ) – A group of women who were involved in a brawl at the Grand River Deli inside Detroit’s MotorCity Casino have been banned from the building.

Bystanders recorded the incident, apparently on their cell phones, and posted the video on YouTube. In the footage, the women are seen punching and kicking each other, while also taking on security guards.

The video, which goes on for over three minutes, shows the women crawling over tables, throwing shoes and pulling each other’s wigs off.

Representatives from the casino called the fight, which took place last Friday, an isolated incident. The casino said those responsible for the brawl have been permanently banned from the premises.

Watch the video here. WARNING: Contains explicit language.

  1. Jim says:

    If any of these idiots are on welfare, they need to be removed from getting any free money of any kind. If they can be banned (which means they can be recoginzed) then they can be removed from the freebee roles. Oh, where are the righteous reverends that critize everything suburban? I’m sure it is the Governor’s and other Republican’s fault. I’m just sayin’!

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