DETROIT (WWJ) – Oil prices hit a new nine-month high and gas pump prices climbed closer to $4 a gallon across much of the country.

WWJ’s Stephanie Davis reports that metro Detroiters will have to dig deeper in their pockets to fill up their tanks, as gas prices rise about twenty cents in two days.

Regular gas prices ranging from $3.59 – $3.69 a gallon along a stretch of Woodward from Royal Oak to Ferndale were seen on Thursday.

“I’ve got an economical car but it’s kind of crazy but what can you do about it, unless everyone works together to protest it, there is really nothing you can do,” said Dante Combs from Highland Park.

Combs says he pays between $38 -$40 to fill up his 13- gallon tank with mid-grade.

Motorist John Carlos has a different stratgey, “I’m filling up now while the prices (are at this level) and I’m adding as little as I have to.”

Larry Moran was filling up his SUV saying that now-a-days it costs about $50 – $60 to fill the tank. He says he’s not thrilled at the thought of the higher gas prices that we may be paying at the pump soon.

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