LANSING (WWJ/AP) – The Michigan House has started the first in a series of hearings on proposals that supporters say would clarify the state’s voter-approved law allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Voters approved the law in 2008, but State Representative John Walsh told WWJ the law is vague and confusing to doctors, patients and law enforcement.

“We are really fumbling along, trying to decide how people can grow, use, transport, transfer and otherwise how the government can regulate medical marijuana,” said Walsh.

Walsh, a Livonia Republican, will chair the House Judiciary Committee hearings. He said there will future hearings around the state.

One proposal aims to better define the type of doctor-patient relationship that would be needed before medical marijuana use could be certified. Another bill would detail requirements for photographs to be included on identification cards that people certified to use medical marijuana must carry.

Walsh said he’s not against medical marijuana, but wants aspects of the law to be clarified.

“Now if this is truly for medicinal purposes, and I’ll accept that argument, then there ought to be some degree of requirements that would require at a minimum a face-to-face meeting and an assessment of the medical condition giving ride to the need,” said Walsh.

Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette as said the law has “more holes than Swiss cheese.”

Medical marijuana advocates say the proposed changes might make the drug harder to get. But Walsh said its just about fine-tuning the law.

“Our intent is to simply give all stake-holders, they could be police officers or they could be the patient, a caregiver, a distributor, to give everyone a little more definition on what it means to be a medical marijuana user,” said Walsh.

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Comments (8)
  1. geo says:

    Thats fine with me, I had an initial face to face, I also had tons of proper paper work, yes, face to face meatings THE FIRST TIME or every five years sure thats fine and I totally support the move, but many of our doctors are 3-4 hrs away, monthly visits would be uncalled for, especially since marijuana works way better for me, with no worrys of dieing from O.D. I had to continue going to the doctor because my pain was always so bad, but now, the only need to talk to my Doc is every year, and I thank god for that every day. I dont like the courts ruling on were pateints can’t trade or sell marijuana to fellow pateints that is over the line to me, why, the law makes it pretty clear, if you have a card your excempt from such punishments, so what would the charge be, if one claimed the affirmative defense? I only say to not change the law to suite cutting the number of pateints or caregivers, the 1000′ from churches and schools is rediculious, likeMMJ Pateints are out waiting to sell our precise meds to a kid or yes we just cant wait to smoke with the local pastor???? I mean really, oh and please put a dang photo on the card so we can stop the undercover police raids over fake ID’s what a disgrace! I never understood that we have a place that says photo, with a nice square no pic.????? Yeah I wonder about things sometimes……

  2. Fred says:

    What about the time it takes to issue the dang card in the 1st place. We sent our renewal in September and I am still waiting for the new card. It took 4 ever to get the original last year. geez

  3. BOBanstorey says:

    if one claimed the affirmative defense but you can not do that in a court of Law the judge won’t let you
    thats the truth go to the mama.ORG YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE ON THAT

  4. geo says:

    Wow so they are tacking on the the list of people that can’t help others because of violent crime???????????????? What does that have ANYTHING to do with Marijuana DISGUSTING

  5. Michael C. says:

    Really in a state that has 3 of the most dangerous cities in the country this is what they worry about.. The voters passed it leave it alone, has our legislature ever made things better. Really how much money could be saved if out government did not feel compelled to form task forces armed to deal with Al Qaeda to handle marijuana farmers while our streets get more and more violent

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