Failed Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain joined Charlie Langton to talk about the Republican primary, his run for president, the infidelity allegations against him, and his support of Republican senate candidate Pete Hoekstra and Joe The Plumber who is running for congress in Ohio.

Cain covered a number of topics. He said his relationship with his wife is solid, that she fully supported his run, and he blames the media for his troubles and the allegations of marital infidelity. He discussed turning down an offer to appear on “Dancing With The Stars,” he talked about what he thinks the problems are in Washington, and whether he thinks Rick Santorum is electable in a general election.

Cain endorsed Newt Gingrich and he thinks Newt can still make a run but if Romney gets the nomination, he will support him. Cain discussed Pete Hoekstra’s controversial Asian-themed Super Bowl Ad, which he said was not offensive to anybody but the “liberal media,” and he believes it had no impact on Hoekstra’s campaign.

Is 9-9-9 dead? No way. And does Cain have a plan for Detroit? Absolutely. Listen to the full interview to find out what it is:

Herman Cain: Part 1

Herman Cain:  Part 2


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