DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit Parent Network and DPS revealed details of their ‘Homework Area Makeover’ campaign, a DPS initiative to increase parent and community engagement and help parents become more actively involved in their children’s education.

“We want to model what an excellent homework area would like in a home on a very low budget as a way to encourage parents to help their children with their schoolwork and improve student achievement,” said Sharlonda Buckman, Executive Director of the Detroit Parent Network.

DPS has a performance-based contract with the Detroit Parent Network to run the district’s parent and community engagement initiatives. “We believe it’s important to model what excellence looks like in every aspect of education. Homework is a key part of that.”

According to Detroit Parent Network, the makeover includes fresh, bright-colored paint, a desk, Internet access, homework essentials, lighting, a cork board, globe, and a portable filing system.

The kits, valued at up to $500 each, will be raffled off within DPS’s eight Parent Resource Centers, based on parent participation in workshops and activities.

So far two homework makeovers have already been unveiled, and two more are scheduled to take place soon.

According to Detroit Parent Network due to different family needs, they have developed three types of kits, including:

• A “Stationary kit” for the family that has the space. The kit will include a small desk, school supplies and lighting.

• An “On-the-go kit” for the busy parent whose children are busy with sports or after-school activities. This kit would be offered in a bag and include a lap desk and school supplies.

• An “In-between kit” designed for a family to have stability even if the family is in between homes due to finances. This kit can be easily stored. It would come in a small suitcase and include school supplies and a fold-up table that is portable.

For additional information regarding this initiative, please contact Tammie Jones at 313-309-1463 or


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