Cross-Over Voting Could Throw Wrench In Michigan Primary

DETROIT (WWJ) – Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are very close in the polls, with some polls showing Romney with a slight edge in Michigan. Chief political strategist for the Potomac Research Group Greg Valliere takes a look at the races.

He says Michigan is tough to predict because it’s a state that allows party cross-over voting in primaries, and if Democrats vote, that could make a difference.

“It’s a very unusual provision that would allow Democrats in Michigan to vote in the Republican primary and they could make some mischief and they could vote for Santorum to deny a win to Romney,”said Valliere.

Bill Ballenger, publisher of Inside Michigan Politics, says he suspects we’ll see some mischief. But he doesn’t think that’ll be a major factor.

  • Gary

    I heard on talk radio if you vote in Tuesday primary you will be brandeded a trepublican for 22 months. I would like soem clarification fo all this please

    • Franz

      Not sure if carrying that badge of shame around for 22 months is true but it is worth it to me. I’ll be voting for the Frothmeister on Tuesday.

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