Kilpatrick’s Dad Speaks Out On Kwame: ‘He’s Not Even Worried’

HAMTRAMCK (WWJ) – Detroit’s former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was back in Hamtramck Monday for the second time in two days to be a keynote speaker at the New Life Family Church.

WWJ Newsradio 950’s Vickie Thomas reported Kilpatrick would not talk to reporters after the event, but his father Bernard addressed federal corruption charges and the upcoming trial his son faces.

“Everybody that says I took a bribe, or stole something, is a criminal. They caught them stealing and the feds went to ’em with a deal, well you can make your burden lighter. All you’ve got to do is say this or say that. Every one of them, no honest person would say Bernard Kilpatrick did something.

“He got a powerful aura that surrounds him, and he’s not even worried about it,” said Bernard Kilpatrick of the pending charges his son is facing.

The trail is expected to begin in the fall but Kilpatrick thinks the trial will be delayed.

  • Karen Majewski

    Where are you people from?! This church is in Detroit, not Hamtramck. Local affiliate? Yeah, right!

  • Racerboy

    Lying, thieving, cheating and killing are the basic tenants of the Detroit culture. Totally acceptable to the citizens who reside there and that is proven by the people they continue to elect at all levels of city government. Kwame is simply a product of his environment…not an excuse…just a fact. God help Dave Bing and all the decent citizens of Detroit.

  • fed up

    Put them all in prison and throw away the key !!!

  • ellieb713

    Just another example of the mentality of many Detroit citizens. Who would go see a lying, cheating, thief who stole from you and your family? What a bunch of fools.

  • Lee Roy P.

    the address for the church is Hamtramck NOT Detroit

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