DETROIT (WWJ) – Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul held a town hall meeting at a Detroit Church Monday.

Speaking at Little Rock Baptist Church, Paul said big banks and corporations are wasting the time of lawmakers in Washington.

“… and then they panic and run to Washington and run to the Federal Reserve … and say, ‘Oh, we’re too big to fail, we’re rich banks, and we’re big corporations – if you don’t bail us out there is going to be a depression’ what they are worrying about is a depression for themselves – they are not worried about the depression for the people,” said Paul to much applause.

When asked about getting people out of poverty,  Paul said he wished he could wave a magic wand and correct all the problems.

“They matter in our lives, they matter in a business, they matter in a church – you just can’t keep borrowing money, and you are not allowed to print money. You know, if you print money you go to jail – but the government is allowed to print money and run up all the bills,” added Paul.

The Michigan Republican presidential primary is Tuesday, February 28.

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