By a) Mike Stone

It’s been way too long since I have delivered a six pack, so let’s end the prohibition…

1. Congratulations to Tom Izzo and the Spartans for not only clinching at least a share of the Big 10 title, but having such a great season. After seeing the way they were manhandled by North Carolina and Duke early in the season. I never thought they would put together a season like this. Once again it shows what a great coach Izzo is and any debate over who the Big 10 coach of the year is should cease immediately.

2. I can’t believe there are actually people in the world who believe the Wings would have been better off playing Joey McDonald instead of Jimmy Howard the last three games. If you just looked at the goal totals in the three losses you might come to that conclusion. But, if you watched the game you would realize that Howard played very well and it was his defense that was it faults.

3.The Oscars offered no real surprises. Billy Crystal was very good in reprising his host role and I have to say I actually enjoyed the Cirque De Soleil performance. I do have a major complaint though. In the tribute to those who passed away the last year, I believe the Academy screwed Bubba Smith. I agree that Bubba was not a great actor, but I am sorry he was a major part in the Police Academy series and should have been recognized.

4. I have to say that Bruce Springsteen’s new album “Wrecking Ball” is going to be a tough listen for many people. It certainly is not a typical rock and roll album and may require a few listens before it grows on you. Lyrically it is not one of his best, but I think the new stuff will translate great live with the new horn section.

5. I just can’t understand why the NBA allowed Chris Brown to perform at halftime at the all star game. I know what you are thinking; Stoney you are just a fuddy duddy old guy who hates new music. but that is not it. Brown is simply a putz who physically abused his girlfriend Rihanna. He allegedly stole a cell phone from a woman last week. The NBA as a league needs to disassociate from such a fool.

6. How smart do the Tigers look now for not giving Joel Zumaya another opportunity to wear the Olde English D? Zumaya tore a ligament in his elbow after just 13 pitches during a bullpen session with the Twins. I do feel bad for Zumaya, who worked his butt off every year to get back to his craft, only to get hurt every year. The guy could be one of the most popular Detroit athletes who accomplished so little, even though it was not his fault. I hope he heals and enjoys the rest of his life, but for his arm’s sake I hope he stays retired this time.


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