DETROIT (WWJ) – The Detroit Financial Review Team continued to look over Detroit’s books Tuesday.

As directed by the court, Governor Rick Snyder’s Detroit Financial Review Team conducted a meeting open to the public.

One of the options being considered is a consent agreement between Detroit and the state, which would provide a plan the city would have to implement.

Detroit City Council President Pro-Tem Gary Brown thinks tentative agreements with the city’s unions should be thrown out, and renegotiated.

He says the unions have given up quite a bit, but it’s not enough.

“If we were able to enter into a consent agreement it would give the mayor the necessary leverage that he needs in order to negotiate, or make demands upon the unions that he can’t get without a consent agreement, ” said Brown.

“The mayor said he needed $102 million – we know we need $60 million a month just to operate and pay our bills. And then we need $45 million we are short to finish … this fiscal year, so that is $105 million there … You could start there that you need $105 million for the rest of this fiscal year and be able to pay our bills,” said Brown.

The review team is expected to make its recommendations to the Governor by the end of March.

“Yes, there will be a report that is public information – that this body will convene, and pass judgement on,” said State Treasurer and review team chair Andy Dillon.


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