Ballot Applications Ask Voters To Affirm Citizenship

LANSING (WWJ) – Applications for a ballot during Tuesday’s election asked Michigan voters to affirm their U.S. citizenship.

When filling out an application for a ballot, a new question was added: Are you a United States citizen? Yes or no.

Civil liberties groups say the question is an attempt to discourage people from voting. But Secretary of State Ruth Johnson says they have a bill pending in Lansing to make the citizenship affirmation mandatory.

According to Johnson, some of those non-U.S. Citizens were under the impression that they could vote because they were asked to register at a Secretary of State.

“We’re going to continue to try and get that in law, rather than just an administration rule, that would put in place a citizenship question before you get your ballot,” Johnson said.

“We’ve encountered two counties so far and we’ve found over a dozen people that checked off that they weren’t citizens but came to vote,” she said, adding that a permanent resident in Kalamazoo faces deportation because he voted.

A spokeswoman from the American Civil Liberties Union says asking people to re-affirm their citizenship is redundant.

  • Mike

    That should be the law! The last thing this country needs is for non-citizens to be choosing our leaders! I can’t believe anyone would have a problem with that.

  • marty

    Only the guilty would mind being asked.

  • Sally

    Note that in the picture the “voting booths” should be set up so that no one can walk behind the voter and peer over their shoulder to see how they are voting. From the Michigan manual for Election Inspector Training Coordinator Accreditation Manual Part 1 page 5 Preparation for Opening the Polls: “C. Setup the polling location and arrange voting stations to ensure that each voter can vote with complete secrecy. ” This is how I was trained and the polls set up in the usual location where I have worked. However I see pictures and have worked other locations where the voting stations are set up as in this picture and the voter does not have privacy. I have brought it to the attention of the precinct chairperson and they chose not to set the voting stations properly. I was very diligent that no voter had interference or was disturbed or spied on while voting.

  • Jim

    If I have to show an ID in many places to buy a bottle of wine, and I’m a Viet Nam era veteran, citizenship proof can be shown before a person is allowed to vote. The ACLU needs to just find something else to do, such as catch criminals that shoot children. I’m just sayin’!

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