By i) Pat Caputo

There has been this angst among Lions fans whether they will be able to re-sign potential free agent defensive end Cliff Avril.

But the Lions would really be in trouble if left tackle Jeff Backus, another unrestricted free agent, departed.

Backus has played very well the last couple years. The Lions don’t have an heir apparent at left tackle to replace him. He is also a player many fans have railed against for more than a decade. Unfairly, I might add.

Backus is far more irreplaceable than Avril.

It’s been this given the Lions will re-sign Backus. All indications point that way.

But if there weren’t those indications, and the Lions were pressed to re-sign Backus, they’d up a creek without a paddle. That’s why it is imperative they address the offensive tackle in this draft.

Not right tackle. Left tackle. They can’t be a point, when their quarterback Matthew Stafford is essentially their franchise player, that they don’t have a decent left tackle to replace Backus, who is not getting any younger.

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