By i) Pat Caputo

The concept sounds great. Taking the roof off the Silverdome, cutting the stadium essentially in half and making it an outdoor stadium with natural grass. (see story:
The one concept I don’t know if it would work is the part about an MLS soccer team in this area.
Look, I bash soccer a lot, but much of it is done tongue-in-cheek because the people who are really into it tend to exaggerate its scope compared other sports in this country, and particularly in Southeastern Michigan. It is not going to take over for baseball in this nation, or hockey in this area. It’s huge world wide, but a relatively small niche sport here. It’s like once a year there is a some soccer moment that happens that is allegedly going to set it off in this nation. It never really does.
The game does have appeal, but it’s limited and it’s not the MLS. It’s more the international game. The World Cup. The European Championship. The elite leagues in Europe. The MLS is a dud in comparison.


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