Humans come in all shapes and sizes with incredible insides that keep us moving, breathing and thinking. Unless you’re a scientist or a medical doctor, how well do you really know your body parts and their purposes? Try answering these questions.

What is the substance that fingernails are made of?  The answer:  Fingernails – and toenails – are made of keratin, a protein. They provide good clues to a person’s overall health. They are indicators of blood pressure, skin problems, lung disease, anemia and other conditions.

Next question: The inner most part of your bones contains what? The answer: Bone marrow is inside the inner bone. It’s spongy and looks like jelly. This is where your red blood cells (for oxygen), white blood cells (to fight infections) and platelets (for blood clotting) are made.

Last question: The muscles at the front of your thighs are called what?  Answer: These skeletal muscles are quadriceps. They work with the bones to give you the power to run and bike ride.

No matter how you did on our quiz, the lesson is to appreciate our amazing, complex bodies and how they work around the clock to keep us functioning!

Content provided by Oakland University


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