By Ron Dewey

SOUTHGATE (WWJ) – More metro Detroit drivers will have to break the bank to fill the tank, as the price at the pump continues approaching – if not already over – the $4 a gallon mark across the area.

WWJ’s Ron Dewey talked with some Downriver drivers who say there’s not much to cheer with some of the cheaper prices in the metro area, such as the Tim Horton’s Shell station on Northline at I-75 where the cash price is $3.71 for regular.

“Luckily, I have a decent enough job that I can afford to buy gas, but I’m sure there’s a lot of other people out there who stay home alot,” says one local commuter.

Another driver, Chris Titus, measures his commute from Downriver to his job in Auburn Hills by dollars instead of miles, and he says he spends $30 a day just to get to work.

“It’s just getting a little expensive either way and it’s only going up,” says Titus, who adds, “It doesn’t do much seeing as how [gas is] going up and my pay rate goes down every year.”

Gas prices in the $3.70 range can also be found along the Southfield corridor on Detroit’s westside, as well as in the Dix/Northline area. However, drivers should be aware that’s the cash price – it’s typically an extra dime a gallon with a credit card.

Comments (2)
  1. Bob says:

    Watch the prices go up, watch the oil corporations profits break more records. When will americans unite under one banner and boycott a series of stations to drive the price down? Oil company may compare prices, but i am sure they are not willing to share their profits if only one corp is making any.

  2. Agus says:

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