Michigan State fans don’t like this notion, but I believe it to be true. Not based on 2008 or 2009. Or 2000. But in the world as it exists in 2012. The one we live in now.
Michigan’s basketball program has caught Michigan State’s. Why? The proof?

They had the same record this season in the Big Ten, sharing the conference title. They split their two meetings. The Spartans schedule was tougher than Michigan’s overall, but not to the degree MSU’s faithful is saying. State had nice wins over Gonzaga and Florida State. But didn’t anybody notice Gonzaga lost to St. Mary’s in the West Coast Conference title game Monday? Michigan did beat UCLA, Iowa State and Memphis in non-conference play. Not bad. Like MSU, the Wolverines did split with Ohio State.

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  1. Joel says:


    1. bill says:

      Hard evidence? MSU played a tougher RPI schedule and has a better record by one game. UM actually had an easier Big Ten Schedule than MSU. In the match-up between the two teams, UM won by 1 then lost by 10. MSU had this year’s B1G coach and player of the year, compared to Freshman of the Year. That’s not to say UM didn’t have a really good season, or that John Beilein didn’t do a great coaching job. But the “hard evidence” sugegsts that MSU had a better year. If you compare that to all trends before this year, MSU had been better. What am I missing??

      1. dennis martoia says:

        caputo has to go!! what a bafoon,get a job in ann arbor!how did he ever get a job on the radio?

      2. Dyenimator says:

        MSU is probably a better team, but to suggest they faced a better schedule is absurd.


        Going forward, the two teams are likely equal. Recruiting looks equal, returning talent looks equal. I wouldn’t be shocked if this argument continues, at least for the next few seasons.

  2. Eric says:

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Hard Evidence? How about six Final Fours and a National Title. How’s that for some “hard evidence?”

  3. joey says:

    laughable that they allowed this blog on the site. just dumb

  4. Fred says:

    Pat is just trolling … trying to get hits on his blog. There’s no way he really believes this rubbish.

  5. Justin says:

    Pat is hurting for readers if he has to post this kind of garbage (ok).

    1. bill says:

      It’s a good thing the U.S. legal system doesn’t use Pat’s evidentiary standard for criminal procedings. There’d be a lot of innocent people in jail.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Pat, you are the worst! Just playing to the lowest common portion of readers. Have a clue and do us all the favor and resign from 97,1.

  7. Jason says:

    This is why the vast majority of listeners hate capitol. There is no logical thought process to come to this conclusion. Much like most other conclusions pat comes to. That and his most irratable voice……

    1. Jason says:

      Caputo. … freaking autotext!

  8. Jeff T. says:

    Pat, thanks for trying to give Michigan accolades for our impressive turnaround recently….but please don’t compare us to MSU. We aren’t MSU. We just won our first share since 1986…we still haven’t gotten to the Sweet 16 in AGES. I know it looks good on you that so many people have actually commented on your article…so mission accomplished a suppose, but please…just stop. We don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the Spartans. That would take many years.

  9. AJerome says:

    I don’t believe you wrote this with any real conviction. You are too smart of a person to pose and defend an argument that is so hollow. I’m a Michigan fan, and I would never try and say that these programs are on the same level. Yet. Michigan is competitive again and in good hands for the future with John Beilein. That is a fact. Michigan isn’t going away and will compete well in the Big Ten and hopefully in the NCAA’s as well, going forward. However, until they beat MSU at least once a year, consistently year in and year out for a 5-6 year span, win some more Big Ten Titles, and get deep into the tournament in multiple years, we cannot say with a straight face that we have caught Michigan State.

  10. Nick says:

    You have way too much experience and sports knowledge to actually believe what you are writing. This is laughable. Stick to Tigers and Wings talk if you really think your reasoning laid out in the blog will hold with intelligent objective sports fans.

  11. John Krause says:

    Definition of a blog:
    a Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.

    I think the outburst I just heard on the radio is a disgrace. I think Pat is allowed to have any opinion he wants. Mike Valenti needs to be removed from the radio, not Pat. Mike you’ve crossed the line once again and it’s seriously getting out of control.

    1. Jeff T. says:

      We have the right to our opinion too bud. Get off your soapbox

  12. Nick G. says:


    You have way too much experience and sports knowledge to actually believe what you are writing. This is laughable. Stick to Tigers and Wings talk if you really think your reasoning laid out in the blog will hold with intelligent objective sports fans.

  13. WP says:

    If Michigan has “caught up” to Michigan State in basketball, then using the same scale of hypothetical comparison Michigan State has surpassed them in football.

    1. Chris Kelley says:

      A concept I would agree with, if we were basing it on recent evidence.

  14. Matt says:

    This article is the biggest, steaming pile of BS I have ever laid eyes on. There is no “hard evidence” in this entire article. You point to Gonzaga losing to a St Mary’s team ranked #16 in the country as a reference point? Are you kidding me? Then you go on the radio and tell Mike that if MSU is so good, they should prove it on the court? Really… Let’s see, the team that has won 3 of the last 4 B1G Championships, been to 6 Final Fours, 2 National Championship games, and won one Title in the last 13 years or the one who celebrates being in the Sweet 16 and being a tri-Big Ten champion for one year? Get real. Your show is trash and so is this blog. As Jim Calhoun would say, “Get some facts and come back and see me!”

  15. Jeff says:

    Shouldn’t the only thing that matter be post-season accomplishments anyway? Who cares who wins the Big Ten, a la Ohio State, the last several seasons only to bomb out in March…when it counts. The same way people argued (as they should) MSU can’t compare to Michigan until they play..and WIN relevant bowl games there really is no argument. It really is the Rob Parker/Drew Sharp shock value ridiculous article content he’s going for…pandering to the “Wal-Mart Wolverine” type who get all hoo-rah over this sort of thing, not the actual Michigan self-respecting fan who knows how absurd this garbage is.

  16. Sparty1 says:

    Caputo…you lost all your respect…

    you are a SHAME to SPARTAN NATION!


  17. Doug Jenks says:

    Classic insecure state fans coming out of the woodwork. Truth hurts.

    1. Chris Kelley says:

      Thank you. I respect Michigan State for the amazing run of excellence that has made them a national powerhouse, but wow, the vitriol their fans have when the Wolverines are given some (in this case well-deserved) credit. “HEY, HE SAID SOMETHING I DON’T AGREE WITH SO HE IS THE WORST EVARRRR!!!!1one”


      1. john says:

        Awesome game against OSU, Minnesota is a real good team too……….UM is a good team this year and on the rise. MSU is a perennial powerhouse. UM has not caught MSU. If they have they would have thrashed Minn, beaten OSU, and played for the title, but they didn’t.

  18. Mark Fleming says:

    I’m still laughing.

  19. Mark Fleming says:

    Pat, this write up has destroyed your credibility. Now hearing your voice on the radio instantly makes me think of Bozo the Clown. Sorry but it is true.

  20. Mark Chapman says:

    MSU fans just can’t stand the fact that Michigan has come alive…in football and basketball. MSU’s accomplishments have been very impressive…but wouldn’t have happened if M hadn’t been in a tailspin ever since the Fab Five.

    Enjoy your program’s accomplishments. You won’t repeat them over the next ten years.

    1. TIM HANEY says:

      Your comment just might be dumber than this Caputo article. Michigan States success has nothing to do with Michigan being bad in all sports.

  21. Mark Fleming says:

    Mark, when was the last time Michigan was relevant in anything? Paul Bunyan says hello.

  22. RyanMSU says:

    Okay, I want to start by saying U of M had a great season. They are a team that is on the rise for sure. Now all the U of M fans that wanna say State fans just can’t stand when U of M gets credit, this article isn’t just giving credit, it is basically lying and saying that the basketball teams are even now. You mention strength of schedule, MSU had the 16th toughest out of conference schedule, U of M’s was in the 160’s! and State still ended with a better over all record. You knock the Gonzaga win but MSU was only the seventh team since 2004 to win AT Gonzaga. Plus Gonzaga is still ranked in both poles. Iowa State is the only team ranked out the wins you mention for U of M and they are 25 in just one of the poles. You mention Green leaving, which hurts, but how does Burke, Hardaway, and Morgan staying make U of M better next year? You forget that State has Payne, Appling, Nix, and Dawson coming back? Then you mention a falling 5 star recruit for U of M but don’t mention States recruits at all whom are ranked higher than U of M’s with the top shooting gaurd in the nation coming in. Michigan is a good team getting better, but I’m sorry, State is a perenial power, one of the top basketball programs in the country. Do not try to say that they are on the same level.

  23. Mark Fleming says:

    Michigan State…. Big Ten Champions outright. Sleep easy Bozo.

  24. Laura says:

    Pat, still think that UM has caught up with MSU in basketball? State lost to OSU by one hail mary basket in the last game of the season and then went on to the tournament where they not only handled OSU but also UW. UM laid an egg when they played OSU in the tournament, just like they did with their last regular season game against the Buckeyes where they were manhandled. UM was also manhandled the last time they faced MSU.

    Has anybody else noticed OHIO’s school colors. I couldn’t help but get a good laugh. How ironic, UM gets to play the one school in the tournament with the same name as their most bitter rival, who also happens to have the same school colors as the Spartans! Lets hope the Wolverines don’t have a case of the PTSDs when they face them in the first round.

  25. Sparty says:


    Hope you got to watch UM lay an egg today against OHIO…….. stop smoking crack.

  26. Mark Fleming says:

    Nice tournaments. Take Sparty’s advice and lay off the pipe. Go State!

  27. Jesse Ultz says:

    OHIO!! How about waiting until Michigan wins a single game in March before crowning them kings of the world! Sure they had a great season, but they are nowhere near the Spartan program.

  28. TIM HANEY says:


  29. Steve F says:

    HARD EVIDENCE Shows that you don’t know what you are talking about! Here’s to hoping that moronic “factual reporting” conducted by you sir may never get picked up by the AP ever again! Do us all a favor and just retire already? Or perhaps go become a meteorologist, you may have a future in it!

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