Political Analyst Steve Hood joined Charlie with a preview of Mayor Dave Bing’s State Of The City address and a look back on his 2011 speech. What did Bing discuss and how has he done? He discussed a number of initiatives and said, unfortunately, Bing has not delivered on many.

Last year, Bing promised to run city operations more like a business, servicing customers and utilizing resources. Today, looking back, millions of federal dollars have been wasted in a number of departments including the health department. Money was pulled away from the home weatherization program because the funds weren’t used. The community development block grant funds have accumulated to $70 million and the federal government is threatening to pull them away. Plus he’s had huge staff turnover, which is also not indicative of running government like a successful business.

Bing talked about getting crime under control — but serious crime is now out of control to the point of potentially being a state of emergency. Police were supposed to be moving into the city using HUD grants but that hasn’t happened.

Twenty million was awarded to the city to tear down abandoned houses, but that money has not been spent and the city is littered with homes that are abandoned, falling apart, crime-ridden and massive fire hazards.

Bing talked about getting the city’s deficits under control but the city today is in danger of running out of money and not being able to pay its bills.

Steve Hood wonders how this speech and his words can be trusted when his record is so terrible. Can you believe in Bing? Listen to the interview and decide for yourself.

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Comments (3)
  1. 1DetroitRedhead says:

    Bing and everyoe in his administration is incapable of operating the City. All the fraud, waste and abuse of federal dollars is reason enough for him to be removed from office. Yes, he’s runnng the City of Detroit like a business – his business- which we all know was run into the ground. He needs to hire staff members who have experience in federal, state and municipal government , stop hiring your friends; friends of your family and friends of LBP, who don’t have a clue. Hire a damn FINANCE OFFICER who has the knowledge and fortitude to put adequate internal controls in place to stop the thieves; manage the budgeting process and knows how to prepare “monthly cash flow reports” – we waste millions contracting out functions, which are inherently government responsibilities”. The residents are hurting and we’re tired of the damn excuses.

  2. EDH says:

    Why is the deficit so high! Taxes and millages have been raised over the years. I feel that this has gotten out of hand over the years and this deficit, fraud, and other issues did not happen just within four years or overnight. Where was the Treasurey or budget and finance department or auditors internal and external to tap into there resources and address these problems. Yes, Bing must hold true to his commitments at an accelerated rate.

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