DETROIT (WWJ) – Mayor Dave Bing is expected to talk about Detroit’s financial crisis and other issues facing the city during his third State of the City address Wednesday night.

He’ll speak at 7 p.m. in the Erma Henderson Auditorium at City Hall. In prior years, the event was held at the Max Fisher Music Center, but it was moved to save money.


A preliminary review by the state showed the city’s budget deficit is pegged at about $200 million and a cash-flow shortfall has been a concern.

In an effort to cut costs and stave off the appointment of an emergency manager, Bing has reached tentative agreements with police, firefighters and city unions on concessions. Those deals have yet to be ratified.

The review team has until March 28 to report its recommendations about whether Detroit should get an emergency manager.

Councilman Ken Cockrel said Bing is about to deliver the most important speech of his career if he intends on running for a second term.

“He needs to show that he has command and control of all of the challenges that the city is facing,” said Cockrel. “Specifically, he’s got to address the crime issue.”

“The other thing is he has to lay out what he intends to do about the city’s ongoing fiscal challenges. I mean, Council even has really, for the most part, in the dark. We haven’t heard from the Mayor in the last couple weeks,” Cockrel said.

See the video stream here.

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