KALAMAZOO — Stryker Wednesday announced the release of System 7, its next generation of heavy duty surgical power tools for use in total joint procedures, such as hip and knee replacements.

System 7 offers the latest in advanced cutting technology, resulting in the most dependable and highest performing power tool system ever from Stryker.

Stryker was the first to market with cordless heavy duty power tools in 1982, and has built a 30 year legacy of quality and innovation, resulting in the introduction of System 7 — a precise and reliable solution for surgeons and hospitals.

“Stryker understands that the most effective and successful surgical procedures involve surgeons who are highly confident in the equipment they use,” said Jim Heath, President, Global Instruments. “Our quality-driven research & development team worked with surgeons, biomedical engineers and other healthcare professionals to incorporate their input and enhance our power tools for total joint procedures.”

Enhancements built into System 7 include:
* A sagittal saw that is significantly quieter than previous generations;
* Stryker SmartLife lithium-ion batteries with exclusive ACP Technology provide a longer, more reliable battery life (small battery runs 220 percent longer, large battery runs 183 percent longer), increasing efficiency in the operating room;
* An innovative rotary handpiece offers substantially increased torque, providing optimum performance with an improved power-to-weight ratio (29 percent reduction in overall weight);
* Integrated SORN Remote Device Management enables the transfer of device usage data to remote Stryker support teams to help monitor and recommend ongoing maintenance, reducing down time in the operating room;
* Sealed sterilization containers minimize processing time and reduce the use of blue wrap, creating a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution;
* ProCare 7 program that provides preventative maintenance to ensure peak performance throughout the system’s lifecycle.

To learn more about Stryker’s System 7, visit www.stryker.com/surgical or call 800-253-3210.

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