By Charlie Langton

Detroit Councilman Kwame Kenyatta says Mayor Dave Bing has not done nearly enough to fix Detroit’s fiscal problems and address massive mismanagement. He expressed great frustration regarding the state of the city, their financial situation and the out-of-control crime problem.

Discussing Detroit’s fiscal situation, the city is still in major trouble and according to reports, in danger of running out of cash in April. Kenyatta told Langton Bing hasn’t addressed that situation. He said the way Detroit is managing its money, it’s very probable that Detroit will run out of money at some point in the near future and that any plan that Governor Snyder needs to sign off on to head this off has not been approved.

Kenyatta said he and council are very upset with the millions of dollars in state and federal money being mismanaged in so many different departments. Bing inherited a mess and it’s still a mess and Kenyatta said he told Mayor Bing that his managers weren’t managing city finances in the way it needs to be managed. To this allegation he said he did not get a good response from Bing and has not spoken to Bing within the last 2-3 weeks.

Kenyatta said people want to hear from the mayor that they will be safe, that there will be better city management, and criminals need to be sent a strong message that they will not be tolerated in Detroit but those messages have not been sent. He said people are afraid to visit gas stations, to walk to schools, to live their lives and that Bing has done little to address those fears.

Kenyatta said the checks and balances system in Detroit is very lacking, that he’s not proud of where they are at this point and time. Listen to the full interview below:

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