Doug Karsch: A Couple Of Tigers Doing A Little Extra

We have arrived in Lakeland early each of the past two days to do the talk show and each day we’ve seen the same thing. Two old Tigers, at new positions, putting in extra work. Whether or not you think Miguel Cabrera will succeed at third base and whether or not you want Brandon Inge to succeed at second base, they both have put in extra time to get better at their new spots.

Before the rest of the team arrived, Tuesday Cabrera spent much of his morning as the loan third baseman charging slow hit rollers in the grass fielding them with one hand and firing them over to first. Inge was parked down at second base and was paired with a short stop working on turning double plays.

When we arrived on Wednesday, Cabrera was the only player fielding grounders. But shortly their after Inge appeared and was taking extra grounders on the other side of the infield.

Practice is fine and we all know games are different — how hard the ball is hit, how you respond making a throw with a runner charging down the line. But at least give both players credit for making sure they will give their new positions a real chance and if they fail, it won’t be because they didn’t put in the work.

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