Woman Pleads Guilty To Stalking Via Text

HARPER WOODS (WWJ) – It’s a case of texting gone too far. A Detroit-area woman is facing jail time over text messages to a former boyfriend.

The Grosse Pointe resident pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor stalking charge after her ex accused her of stalking him via text.

The Harper Woods man said he told her to stop sending the text message and, when she didn’t, he went to the police.

“You have to stop,” said WWJ legal analyst and Talkradio 1270 host Charlie Langton. “Whether you’re making phone calls, or sending emails, or texting, stop means stop. And when it goes beyond, even if it’s one text message, that is a form of  harassment.”

Langton said he’s been seeing more and more cases of harassment by text message, adding that people are being charged and are going to jail.

The woman in this case could face up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

WWJ Newsradio 950’s Stephanie Davis spoke with her attorney, Donald Bershback.

“I think that it’s a situation where she simply wants to turn the page and move on. And that’s a good thing,” Bershback said.

Have you ever felt stalked or harassed by text messages? Comment below.

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  • Unique Monique

    A close friend of mine was stalked via, text, in person, email, and even had his email account hacked into by the 27 year-old still-living-at-home daughter of control freak helicopter parents who emotionally crippled her like the Kathy Bates character in Misery. The gutless father’s in the background quietly enabling his control freak wife and insane daughter.

    The worst part is, this sickening situation isn’t even that unusual anymore thanks to these tail-end baby boomers who trained their kids to be entitled fit-throwing tyrants and narcissists dependent on them forever.

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