By Vickie Thomas

DETROIT (WWJ) – Wonder what Kwame Kilpatrick is up to these days? A family member of the former inmate said he’s working to improve the prison system.

WWJ’s Vickie Thomas talked with Raymond Cheeks — the ex-mayor’s uncle — who said Kilpatrick is working on an educational program for inmates that focuses on intervention.

“He met this guy while he was in Miland, who’s a doctor in ciriculum development for prisions. They’re developing a program and taking it to, you know, he’s already been to D.C. to try to get some funding, you know, to try and get this program off. He’s serious about the cognitive development of inmates,” said Cheeks.

Listen to the complete interview:

Kilpatrick is set to go on trial in the fall on federal corruption charges.

Comments (5)

    Well, Kwame can improve the prison system BY STAYING OUT OF IT.

    Besides didn’t he try to improve the government system in Detroit. This guy just moves from one con to another. Its all the same to him with a resume deep in the general huckstering of operations and processes.

    Don’t despair Kwame will soon try to get to you for “some funding”

  2. harlyGman says:

    maybe thats why he’s trying to improve the prison system,he knows he will be in it for some time.

  3. Jim says:

    That’s a great way to recruit new gang members for his wife’s gang..

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