By Beth Fisher

DETROIT (WWJ) – A man was shot and killed Friday night after an apparent dispute over the price of condoms at a Detroit gas station.

WWJ’s Beth Fisher spoke to an employee at the BP gas station on Fenkell and Meyers, where the shooting took place on the city’s westside overnight. The employee said the argument was apparently over the price of a box of condoms.

He said the customer bought a box of condoms, but made a comment that he was overcharged and could have bought them somewhere else for a cheaper price. After being told he couldn’t get a refund, the customer allegedly began tossing items off the shelves. That’s when, according to the employee, the overnight clerk came out with a gun and fired a warning shot, which struck the customer in the shoulder.

Police say the customer was taken to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Ron Scott, with the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, said they are working on conflict resolution between gas station owners and Detroiters, something they will be discussing at a meeting on Sunday.

“We can’t have this kind of attitude and this kind of disrespect for life. Whether it happens to people who work in the gas station or definitely if it happens to people in the community. From what I’m understanding, the price of a condom should not be somebody’s life,” said Scott.

Police say the store clerk, whose name has not been released, is in custody. An investigation is ongoing.

The shooting comes during an increase of violent crime in Detroit.

In another recent incident at a gas station, an 86-year-old World War II veteran was assaulted and his car was stolen in broad daylight. After several people passed by him as he crawled, unable to walk because his leg was broken in the attack, the man tried to pay a stranger to drive him home. The good Samaritan man drove him for free, and called an ambulance. Days later, a 21-year-old suspect was arrested. Charges are pending.

Detroit Councilman Kwame Kenyatta is drafting an ordinance that would require gas station owners to hire security guards to protect the public.

“And as we watch this man was beaten on camera and crawled into the station, never once did I see the proprietor, as well as the people who were going to that gas station, help that individual. We are saying secure your facility, safeguard us as a community,” said Kenyatta.

Scott said part of the problem is the general relationship between customers in the communities and gas station owners and employees.

“The problem basically is that you have people who work in the stations who do not have a reasonable relationship with the community, where the respect for the dollars that they spend is accorded to them in the terms of human respect. On the other hand, you do have people in the neighborhood who come in, or people who might engage in negative activity, where the lives of the owners are threatened,” said Scott.

What it comes down to, said Scott, is respect.

“I’ve been in similar situations in some of these stores where I’ve been disrespected. And now we’re talking about young, specifically African-American men. One of the major things in the community that you want is respect… and I think people here don’t have skills in terms of de-escalation of violence,” said Scott.

Other recent crimes in Detroit include a 27-year-old man who allegedly shot three people, two who died; a 14-year-old boy who apparently shot and killed his mother while she slept; two teens who are accused of shooting a 6-year-old boy during a carjacking spree; and a 9-month-old boy who died after someone sprayed his family’s home with bullets from an AK-47.

Comments (298)
  1. FMSweat says:

    To protect and serve, isn’t that the job of the police? Where are they when you need them?

    1. joeBama loves chicken says:

      To protect and serve? I thought you were talking about the condoms.

      1. Ted Rutherford says:

        Hilarious….you’re on for a Sunday…….thanks for the laugh.

      2. LeadedOrUnleaded says:

        So much of the news is made up after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

    2. clease says:

      when seconds count, cops are minutes away!!!


        That’s just how we roll in

      2. pisico says:

        That is true. Remember the old saying? WHAT’S GOOD FOR DETROIT IS GOOD FOR AMERICA. Looks like the lowest common denominator is winning.

      3. RonSwanson says:

        Would you rather have a cop, literally, up your ass 24/7?

      4. Ben Thar says:

        Not unless he’s wearing a condom!

    3. eugene says:

      No, that is a false saying. The police are called AFTER a crime is committed.

    4. rikki Doxx says:

      Probably out shooting some homeowners dog by mistake.

      1. uncle tom says:

        Was the dog a knee grooo

    5. stlmaddog5 says:

      The job of the police is to investigate crimes and then to arrest and charge suspects. The job of the courts is to try suspects. The job of the penal system is to punish criminals found guilty of crimes. It is the job of the individual citizen to protect him or herself from harm. This is what the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is all about. The right of the citizen to have the means to protect him/herself and his/her family from harm.

      1. Ben Thar says:

        The job of the parents is to treat their children not to act like thugs in the first place.

      2. NoBama says:

        I think the clerk had reason to fear for his life, if some jerk is getting all irate over the supposed high price of condoms. What we are not hearing is what all was said between the clerk and the customer. Did the customer threaten the clerk? Considering all the violence and the city talking about having security guards at gas stations, this guy sounds like he was well within his right to shoot this guy.

      3. larry says:

        yep. you are correct and so was the clerk.

      4. Southsider says:

        Huh? You mean the 2nd Amendment applies to me as a U.S. Citizen. Oh wait how silly of me I live in Illinois the only place it doesnt apply! I can even one up that and add fuel to the fire by adding I live in Chicago :(

    6. AL says:

      The police will NEVER be there “when you need them … That is why the 2nd Amendment is so important… That said, the store clerk was an IDIOT! Rule#1 – never draw your sidearm unless you are in fear for you life or the life of someone else. (never fire “a warning shot”)

      1. Tom says:

        He didn’t fire a warning shot. He just made up a poor excuse.

      2. Rightwinger says:

        Pretty good warning shot. DEAD AT HOSPITAL!

    7. Roger says:

      A new “safe sex” concern. He should have hooked up with the 30 yer old law student who demands free ones.

      1. Big Al says:

        Maybe he could have bought a used condom. They have to be cheaper.

    8. Jim Dea says:

      Detroit is a war zone. A war of lawlessness against the law and it looks sometimes like the criminals are winning. Things are so much different than when I was a kid. Can’t we go back to the 1970’s and stay there? Things weren’t perfect but they weren’t like they are in Detroit anywhere in the USA.

      1. Tyrone says:

        How about pre 1964 before civil rights and voting were given to people that have no idea what that means

    9. Dstones89 says:

      Respect must be earned, not granted, carte blanche.

      What this community needs is… well… Community!

    10. Rick says:

      OMG, bullets sprayed from an AK47. If the same bullets had been sprayed from any other gun would they have done less damage.

    11. hungryman says:

      cops arn’t allowed to do their jobs anymore
      because white liberals and nigs complained that cops were racist so their is more and more legislation preventing them from helping people

  2. Lynn says:

    Since when did gas station clerks need skills to “de-escalate violence”? Don’t the FBI and CIA teach those skills? The onus should be on the crook not the minimum-wage employee who may just want to live till morning.

    1. bobby quinn says:

      I was thinking the same thing. They can sell condoms for whatever they want.

    2. Auzzievick says:

      Said so eloquently, Lynn

  3. tthh says:

    those darn gas station clerks – always looking for trouble.

  4. Clay Cullum says:

    Why do they want to deprive men of reproductive health? It’s a War on Men. Hell, it’s a War on Everybody. Why don’t they just get one of them air cannons and just roll around the country shooting money out?!

    1. richaskennedy says:

      there ya go.. the administration should pass out $200 a month all of us.. use for what we want.

      1. Brendon Carr says:

        What?! You’re saying that immoral people like Warren Buffett and Mitt Romney and your neighborhood dry cleaner should be treated the same as everyone else? I know, I know… “All Men Are Created Equal”, and all that, but it chaps my hide that good folks have to share their government benefits equally with the bad people who pay for those government benefits.

        I say take their s— and give it to us.

      2. uncle tom says:

        Naaah. A grand a month would be a lot better.

  5. David Gurney says:

    This is just a Fluke occurrence.

    1. Catnipshaw says:

      David, you are brilliant!!!!!!!

    2. bobby quinn says:

      Good one!

    3. Paco says:

      I feel better now, thanks for that!

    4. joy says:

      you made me almost spit my wine out!

  6. says:

    Who would think a thing like this would happen in Detroit?

  7. seaden says:

    “We can’t have this kind of attitude and this kind of disrespect for life.”

    How about people start acting civil, not like animals.

    When you start tossing items in a store and act in a threatening way, expect to be shot.

    No store clerk should have to be subjected to this behavior and fear for their safety.

    1. kris says:

      EXACTLY seaden!!! Don’t put the blame on the employees who just want to survive. It’s this attitude that’s gotten Detroit where it is today. Coddle the criminals and blame the victims.

  8. The Morrigan's Pet says:

    I lived in Troy for a couple of years back in the late ‘Nineties. Even then we weren’t far enough north of Eight Mile to be safe. Reading the convoluted, racist rationalization of the fool Kenyatta, it’s easy to understand why the “community” breeds so much criminal trash. They feel entitled and no one has the right to disrespect them. Add that to the infestation of violent, anti-American union trash, and I couldn’t be happier to be elsewhere.

    1. ConDums says:

      Kwame Kenyatta, now there’s a fine American name.

  9. j james says:

    really smart hire a security guard, up the price another 5, or 10 cents a gallon, and then that dumb politician will cry about greed. Solution, have the politician be a guard for a day , might change his mind.

  10. joeBama loves chicken says:

    Yes!! That will be the next ad by the liberals.

    1. Rightwinger says:

      Yes but most of the people that die are democrats, so I say have at it….

    2. EndlessMediaSpin says:

      Give me a break. Reads like another made up Psyops story (like the majority of the comments here too) Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

      Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

    3. Spanky Spankster says:

      I’m trying to figure out a way to find out about an hour before I die so I can become a Democrat just because I’d rather have one of them die than one of us.

  11. Bobby says:

    You deserve no respect if you act foolish or trashy.

  12. Chuck Pelto says:

    TO: All
    RE: What a Concept

    You can fire a fatal ‘warning shot’ into someone’s chest.


    P.S. I’d call it second degree murder.

    1. BobtheMoron says:

      I’d call it community service.

      1. CodeWriter1 says:


      2. SovereignJack says:

        I’d call it a lifetime supply of birth control.

    2. How to get a promotion says:

      I would call it a job well done

  13. pinkneck says:

    It is Bush’s fault and white racism. NOT!! My last boss was a black man, ex marine vietnam hero, who went to night school and got a degree, worked hard and rose to be a VP in the company. He commanded respect for his work ethic and never demanded anything.

    1. searreigh says:

      Pinkneck – ypur boss was RESPECT ABLE. That is the prerequisite for getting respect.

    2. halmccombs says:

      And I bet his kids will succeed in life, too.

    3. krp says:

      He was just actin’ white.

  14. richaskennedy says:

    This is proof that we need free ammo for target practice.. anyone should be able to fire a warning shot without hitting the target.. sad America has lost it’s ability to miss.

  15. Greg says:

    Warning shot???

  16. JohnS says:

    Come on, this is Detroit, what do you expect? When will they contract the police out to OCP and clean up this town?

    1. Bill says:

      Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.

  17. Citizen60 says:

    And just think, demoncrats what to turn the whole United States into Detroit…

    1. NoBama says:

      Yikes! I’ve never been to Detoit but I saw ‘8-mile’ and that was enough for me. Detroit, Newark and New Orleans are just a few examples of how the liberal, socialist democrat (not democratic) party has destroyed parts of the US.

      1. Auzzievick says:

        You forgot Chicago!

  18. Jay says:

    What happen to the condoms?

    1. ConDums says:

      Shoplifted by the witnesses.

  19. Satan says:

    Nice “warning shot” there, Dead-Eye. Perhaps you should get to the range more often.

    It is nice to see idiots die, however, so I like any story like this with a happy ending.

  20. Tony says:

    Another reason to stay away from Detroit. Sounds like Chicago, where the philosophy seems to be that you are better dead than to protect yourself from a criminal.

  21. John C says:

    “the overnight clerk came out with a gun and fired a warning shot, which struck the customer in the shoulder.”

    Since when do you fire a “warning shot” at the person?

    1. Finbar says:

      Maybe the person jumped in the way of the warning shot. Yeah, that’s it. He jumped in the way.

    2. BobtheMoron says:

      When you are doing the community a service.

    3. B W says:

      To warn other people not to do the same thing!

    4. How to get a promotion says:

      Thats the way yo do it in Detroit

  22. Smashicus says:

    So councilman Kenyatta, you would rather die with a clear conscience than live to support your family? Or is that just for other poor fools to do?

  23. Apocalypto says:

    What a hellhole. Clean up your house Detroit or maybe a “surge” will be in order. Pathetic savages.

  24. ac says:

    Detroit Councilman Kwame Kenyatta is drafting an ordinance that would require gas station owners to hire security guards to protect the public. lmaoooooo!!
    i once owned a gas station in Detroit i didnt even make 1 cent of a gallon of gas due to too much competion, we had to hastle to make money work 24/7 not to have payroll, so we could make it. they ll kill the security guard too. Kwame Kenyatta is tell people of Detroit its not even safe to stop at a gas station n get some gas, so how the hell are suppose to live n work in the city when they arent safe.

  25. Lou says:

    He was not shot “over the price of condoms.” That’s the Left’s narrative. He was shot because he turned violent and was vandalizing the store. I’m not saying the shooting was justified. (And I’m not saying it wasn’t because I wasn’t there.) But let’s get the basic facts straight.

    1. ConDums says:

      There you go letting facts and common sense interfere with the libturd’s narative.

  26. ED357 says:

    Sorry but………..


  27. 46346346436 says:

    Detroit sounds like a jungle.

    1. Auzzievick says:

      Did you ever see “Escape from New Yrok?” The “remake” will be “Escape from Detroit.”

  28. bernie says:

    WHEW ! By the headline I thought the clerk was killed but it was only ,ANOTHER methhead. I feel better, now !

  29. Zeek says:

    He paid with his life not for a condom, but for tearing up a store and throwing objects at the clerk. Fear of bodily harm led to the escalation of force. He brought a box of condoms to a gunfight.

  30. Concerned Mom of 5 says:

    On thing you can say… that bullet was a much more effective contraceptive than those overpriced rubbers. What is wrong with Detroit?

  31. J R says:

    Who in their right mind would go to Detroit? It sounds like a frickin’ war zone!

  32. mesmash says:

    How many videos have we seen where someone doesn’t get their way and proceeds to destroy the place? I’m glad he got shot and died. He doesn’t deserve the respect he was demanding. Kwame has some nerve demanding station owners to get security instead of blaming the criminals.

  33. Sensible Somebody says:

    “From what I’m understanding, the price of a condom should not be somebody’s life”

    The guy lost his life because he went crazy in a store, irrationally yelling, knocking over shelves and throwing things….. he got what was coming to him.

    You can’t just act however you want in a civilized society, no matter how black you think you are.

  34. Deskboy says:

    The worst stories come from Detroit. What the heck is going on up there?

    Oh I see, never mind.

  35. Digital Dan says:

    After spending $$ on dinner and all the alcohol required to get a gal in the sack, I can barely afford them either! I feel your pain, Brother. RIP

  36. Ed S says:

    I thought improper shooting was what condoms were supposed to prevent.

  37. JohnDaniel says:

    Detroit Councilman Kwame Kenyatta? Those are the kind of names that help potential employers fast-track file resumes into file x. Detroit is the cesspool of America, second only to NYC and then LA.. A collapsed welfare state that stands as a warning to the rest of the country of what set-asides, welfare, food stamps, public housing, and all the other freebies on demand which the File X crowd thrives on. Don’t bomb Iran, bomb Detroit.

  38. Jacob says:

    That’s so cute. Your life isn’t sad and pathetic and meaningless at all!

  39. Silwa says:

    How the heck does a shot in the SHOULDER result in death? Must’ve been one hell of a warning shot. Then again, if some asshat is freaking out over the price of condoms, and throws a childish fit like this guy did, I’d fear for my safety too and probably arm myself if I could.

  40. detroit is a cesspool says:

    typical government response…why should the burden of policing thugs fall on a gas station owner?
    these pigs are everywhere. how dare he destroy another man’s business. guess he won’t be doing that anymore?
    and what lucky guy/gal missed meeting up with him later? dodged that bullet.

  41. Utapao Long Ago says:

    At least he was willing to pay for his birth control… Probably didn’t have FREE college education – so he didn’t know that he could whine about being responsible for his own actions…. Too bad the clerk over reacted.

  42. Big Bear says:

    “Detroit Councilman Kwame Kenyatta is drafting an ordinance that would require gas station owners to hire security guards to protect the public.”

    In other words, the “government” can’t protect you, but it can make you pay to protect yourself. Insanity. The first thing Detroit should get rid of to relieve its financial woes is City Hall. What a waste of space those people are.

    1. krp says:

      What’s the difference between a security guard and a clerk that is armed? Just a label and a government seal of approval is the only difference, so if the clerk has a gun, then they already have a security guard.

      The point of such an ordinance is to force gas station owners to hire off-duty police officers as security guards, that would pad the income of the cops who are already on the taxpayers payroll, so it would be a political benefit to the councilman because then he would be responsible for the cops making more money, without having to wait for the next union contract when they threaten to go on strike.
      This is essentially raising taxes on the gas stations and giving it right to the cops, who will of course continue to vote Democrat.

    2. Indy says:

      Unarmed security guards no doubt.All that’s going to do is get security guards killed. Detroit’s problem is 40 years of liberalism.

  43. Mike0oSS says:

    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!! Why should a guy have to pay for CONDOMS when women are crying about the price of B.C pills??

    1. linda says:

      free condoms at the clinic, all over the city…..the guy was a dumb ass

  44. Sunshine Connie says:

    What the guy wanted was another freebie. In Detroit everything is paid for by OPM. And they are about out!

  45. sailordude says:

    Who shoots a “warning shot”? The bullet’s going to go through the roof! Just say you are calling the cops, sheesh, I’m staying away from Detroit! Oh and also, at the idiot who’s throwing stuff off of the shelves thinking nothing bad will happen to them, bang you’re dead.

  46. Detroiter says:

    Detroit doesn’t have any problems that couldn’t be solved with a one megaton air burst.

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