By Beth Fisher

DETROIT (WWJ) – A man was shot and killed Friday night after an apparent dispute over the price of condoms at a Detroit gas station.

WWJ’s Beth Fisher spoke to an employee at the BP gas station on Fenkell and Meyers, where the shooting took place on the city’s westside overnight. The employee said the argument was apparently over the price of a box of condoms.

He said the customer bought a box of condoms, but made a comment that he was overcharged and could have bought them somewhere else for a cheaper price. After being told he couldn’t get a refund, the customer allegedly began tossing items off the shelves. That’s when, according to the employee, the overnight clerk came out with a gun and fired a warning shot, which struck the customer in the shoulder.

Police say the customer was taken to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Ron Scott, with the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, said they are working on conflict resolution between gas station owners and Detroiters, something they will be discussing at a meeting on Sunday.

“We can’t have this kind of attitude and this kind of disrespect for life. Whether it happens to people who work in the gas station or definitely if it happens to people in the community. From what I’m understanding, the price of a condom should not be somebody’s life,” said Scott.

Police say the store clerk, whose name has not been released, is in custody. An investigation is ongoing.

The shooting comes during an increase of violent crime in Detroit.

In another recent incident at a gas station, an 86-year-old World War II veteran was assaulted and his car was stolen in broad daylight. After several people passed by him as he crawled, unable to walk because his leg was broken in the attack, the man tried to pay a stranger to drive him home. The good Samaritan man drove him for free, and called an ambulance. Days later, a 21-year-old suspect was arrested. Charges are pending.

Detroit Councilman Kwame Kenyatta is drafting an ordinance that would require gas station owners to hire security guards to protect the public.

“And as we watch this man was beaten on camera and crawled into the station, never once did I see the proprietor, as well as the people who were going to that gas station, help that individual. We are saying secure your facility, safeguard us as a community,” said Kenyatta.

Scott said part of the problem is the general relationship between customers in the communities and gas station owners and employees.

“The problem basically is that you have people who work in the stations who do not have a reasonable relationship with the community, where the respect for the dollars that they spend is accorded to them in the terms of human respect. On the other hand, you do have people in the neighborhood who come in, or people who might engage in negative activity, where the lives of the owners are threatened,” said Scott.

What it comes down to, said Scott, is respect.

“I’ve been in similar situations in some of these stores where I’ve been disrespected. And now we’re talking about young, specifically African-American men. One of the major things in the community that you want is respect… and I think people here don’t have skills in terms of de-escalation of violence,” said Scott.

Other recent crimes in Detroit include a 27-year-old man who allegedly shot three people, two who died; a 14-year-old boy who apparently shot and killed his mother while she slept; two teens who are accused of shooting a 6-year-old boy during a carjacking spree; and a 9-month-old boy who died after someone sprayed his family’s home with bullets from an AK-47.

Comments (298)
  1. Finbar says:

    @Jacob: If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.

  2. Horsehead says:

    This is a great example why men need contraceptive coverage in their insurance! This is about men’s health care! If it’s not affordable…they die!

  3. linda says:

    while shooting the man was inappropriate action, isn’t it convenient how the media publicizes this story in the wake of the contraceptive controversy? if the man wanted free condoms there are clinics all over the place, you don’t have to pay. so why should this shop owner suffer this man’s idiocy over the cost, as well as have the media kick him for not tolerating this idiots behavior? shooting the man was inappropriate, but the idiot should have went to the clinic if he didn’t wanna pay the price asked

  4. Noma says:

    Obama has created this climate of negativity…group attitude can always be traced to the top. It’s a fact. It makes me want to hurl when I hear him say ” we need more civility.”. He doesn’t show it and no one else will. I am fed up with him!

    1. rovid says:

      i cannot agree anymore ,people die over a piece of cheap rubber ,when they are so abundant even for free ,he should be charged for conspiracy to keep free people uninformed ,yes desinformation can be deadly !!

    2. NoBama says:

      Perp: “Why come you ain’t got none a dem magnum condums, muafugga? I gotta toss dis place and get all crazy up in hea’ to get my freak on?”

      Sound of merchandise being thrown on the floor

      Clerk: “Yes, I have a Magnum, 45-caliber to be exact. BANG.”

  5. Typical White Person says:

    He should’ve testified in front of Fancy Nancy Pelosi that the gov’t should be providing him with his birth control! Free condoms prevent shootings. It’s the Catholic Church’s fault.

  6. OklahomaBound says:

    Obama is going to count this as another BP oil spill and shut down drilling again.

  7. Willy Brown says:

    Looks like a job for the activist Ms. Fluke.

  8. Gerry says:

    I’d give them something to respect too if they trashed my store, a .45 slug in their dumb ass. And boo hoo hoo to the people saying the store owners need to be more “polite” when the local thugs not not respect other people’s property or livelihoods. We need a new reality show “ESCAPE FROM DETROIT”.

  9. wildbill6996 says:

    Where’s Coleman Young when you need him. Told all those evil white people to take their white ARSES out past 8 mile Rd. and stay out. HOW’S THAT WORKING OUT ???

  10. bernie says:

    We may be a recruiting area between Sodom and Gomorrah but out here in FLYOVER COUNTRY we have very few shootings about the price of condoms ! I guess I’ll just keep clinging to my gun AND my Bible !!

  11. JustAGuy says:

    Maybe Sandra Fluke can hold another press conference and tell us that condoms should be free too.

  12. retired.military says:

    Condoms should be Free.

    Just ask the Obama administration.

    They prevent unwanted pregancies and prevents women from getting STDs.

    The Obama administartion is guilty of sexual discrimination.

    Free condoms for all
    free condoms for all

  13. Ron says:

    Perhaps it would work to have on on duty cop at each gas station.

    1. Kevin says:

      If you’re gonna hire that many cops, then why not lock up all the Obama-bots making the trouble and use those extra cops as prison guards?

  14. Salmon says:

    Sperm one:” Woohoo he’s buying condoms… we’re going to party like it’s 1999!!!”

    Sperm two: “Oh no… he’s flapping his lips again! He’s got a gun! Run you idiot!”

    Sperm one: ” I knew this was too good to be true.. pass the beer nuts.”

  15. BillyHW says:

    Dear God, please nuke this city.

  16. Vesparado says:

    Ms. Fluke should have been asking for a gun rather than free condoms …

  17. EdWoodJr says:

    Are you 100% sure it wasn’t over the price of GAS?

  18. David from San Diego says:

    You know, I was just THINKING that my next vacation might be spent in Detroit. Now I think it will be Europe instead.

    1. Kevin says:

      Same thing…. Poor broke, and littered with illegals and welfare grubbers…

  19. Dave Mowers says:

    Welcome to the America Wall Street built. When one class gets to break the rules with impunity no one will respect any laws. Thank the one percent for proving that fraud, corruption and money are the only thing respectable in America now.

    ..bail outs for the rich, crime for the poor and endless poverty, Jefferson would be so proud.

    1. Kevin says:

      Not sure how you correlate your statement to the story…

      1. Jamesb says:

        This guy is all over the net with the same stuff. Context doesn’t seem to matter.

    2. NoBama says:

      Shouldn’t you be out taking a dump on a police car?

  20. lynn says:

    where are the f’n idiot police? Just overpaid tax collectors.

    1. Kevin says:

      The cops were supposed to be in the store waiting, or they were supposed to know the condom argument was happening and zip over to the store while it was happening? Which is it? I’m confused.

  21. YourMom says:

    You are correct Kaitara!

  22. YourMom says:

    I agree, if thieves and threatening people knew the clerks would take action against them there would be less of this nonsense caused by the lunatic customer.

  23. Doubltap says:

    Well, if the argumentative SOB would have just STFU, he’d be alive today! Another case of a dumb@$$ talkin’ when he shoudda been listenin’!!!

  24. Doubltap says:

    Detroit is not totally worthless, it could be used by the USAF as a bombing range!

  25. CW Orange says:

    This problem could have been stopped years ago. They should have given the robbers father a condom, and that would have prevented his birth.

  26. Bambi Nukafluki says:

    I jus wanna know when Obamas elected, whs gonna pay my gas bill? Whos gonna buy me food?

  27. Nicky says:

    Do you want anyone like this guy to reproduce?

  28. Kevin says:

    Just a guess, but…. The customer’s name was in the LeeRoy or Shushwanda category, and the store clerk/owner’s name was the same as the guy who runs the convenience store on the Simpson’s cartoon…. ?

    1. Pinko Foreigner says:

      Just a guess, but…. you’re white, fat, poor and home-schooled?

  29. CBinMd says:

    You know what I can’t understand is the no refund policy. Foe goodness sake…give the man his money back if he wants it.

  30. Sean says:

    i agree the price on condoms is too damn high…but to shoot someone over it???

  31. desert says:

    Turn the clerk loose! Just because you own or work in a retail establishment does not mean you are fair game for every A.H. that thinks he can come in, raise hell and get something for nothing! good riddance to bad rubbish, move along folks, nothing to see here!

  32. Buckaroo Bonzai says:

    Black community leaders would do well to get used to this happening. It will only escalate until they get out and start telling these young thugs that crime may well result in a fatal outcome. People are tired of being afraid and will soon start taking action to retake the communities they call home. With concealed carry laws being passed every day there will be more and more wolves hidden among the sheep to take out these lowlife predators. Nobody is entitled to respect it is earned by behaviour not from skin color. Better tell your young ones that times are changing and get rich rich or die trying will more and more end up with the latter result.

  33. Snake Plissken says:

    Crime is up in Detroit? How can they tell?

  34. Mike says:

    Considering it was Detroit, I wonder if the box of condoms were Magnums?? Not because of the guns, but you know.

  35. MoCal says:

    Well I give they guy a tip of the hat not wanting to burden the taxpayers with any more babies. Maybe he should have protested to Barry Soetoro that it’s a mans RIGHT to contraception and that the government should pay for it.

  36. krp says:

    Was a customer a law student at Georgetown?

    1. Ar Amytas says:

      affimative action territorial manager, he was.

  37. krp says:

    But the Democrats encourage that behavior and the unions enable it.

  38. doTheRightThing says:

    The price of a condom is always somebody’s life

  39. donttreadonme says:

    Did this idiot condom shopper ask about the price before he paid, or is that requiring too much common sense? Did he not know prices are inflated at these ‘convenience-marts’ ? Does planned parenthood not advertise in Destroit, because if he planned ahead (sure) he could have gotten them for free. Then he acts out when he doesn’t like the price and trashes the place. To hell with the warning shot, shoot the idiot dead on the spot. Make the storeowner a hero. Who could respect this customer exhibiting this behavior, which became scary enough to make the clerk want to protect himself. This isn’t about respect; it is all about entitlement mentality.

  40. Jerry Allen says:

    Condoms are free at most clinics…

  41. donttreadonme says:

    Now that is funny! Careful though, as you are contributing to a growing trend of Flucke bashing.

    1. donttreadonme says:

      This was supposed to be in reply to Brenda, but fits here as well.

  42. MarcoSolo says:

    Kenyata, To reign is worth ambition though in Hell. He’s mining the same economically and culturally impoverished sea of tortured souls as are the merchants, except he conceals his contempt. If he cared one whit for the residents of the neighbrohood, he and his fellow parasites would detach and allow an objective management team to attempt to restore some semblance of civilization.

  43. Pinko Foreigner says:

    So glad you’re going to stay in Idaho also, your idiocy may be contagious.

  44. HTuttle says:

    The ultimate Liberal society.

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