2-Year Old Boy Shot In Detroit

Detroit (WWJ)- Gunfire on Detroit’s northwest side leaves a two-year old boy hospitalized.  It is the fourth time in the past two months that a child has been shot in Detroit. 

Detroit police say the child was shot around 7:25 p.m. Sunday after shots were fired during a fight between two men, aged 18 and 35, in the 15000 block of Gilchrist, near the Southfield Freeway and Fenkell.

The suspected gunman, 35, took off in a vehicle, but was arrested about an hour after the shooting on Colfax Street.  Charges are pending. 

It’s unclear why the men were arguing.

The child was taken to a hospital and is listed in temporary serious condition, according to preliminary information released by police. 

Sunday’s shooting was the first this month involving a child.  In February, three children, ages 12 years, six years and nine months were shot.  Two died.  Arrests have been made in two of the three cases.   

Detroit police continue to investigate the latest shooting.

  • B W

    The problem is not getting rid of these people shooting others. ONE STRIKE your out… execute them, they won’t commit another offense again! Right is right, wrong is wrong!! I don’t want the excuse that they had a bad childhood, religion says to forgive, he’s mentally ill… all legal excuses!!! Judges, lawyers, religious people… get real. This is real life, not a TV show, not comic books, not wishful thinking, not praying and it goes away. YOU can’t stop the rain, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes… if you can, then prove it! ‘;Nuff Said

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