ROYAL OAK —, the online auction Web site launched by Royal Oak-based Ranger Data Technologies and approximately 300 newspaper and television partners in June 2010 , has reached a milestone — more than one million items for sale. The inventory includes everything from designer handbags to antique postcards, from electronics to clothing and everything in between.

“We are very pleased with the growth in inventory, and expect this trend will continue,” said George Willard Sr., CEO of Ranger Data Technologies. “The increased numbers of products available is pushing sales on the site as well.”

To mark this achievement has announced a contest with two Apple iPad 2’s, an Amazon Kindle Fire, and a Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet, given to those who share the word. will award prizes, one per week, to the user with the highest number of visits by their internet friends and family. Contest entrants may use Facebook, Google+, Twitter, email, their own Web site or blog, or virtually any other method to attract visitors to their unique link. One user will win each week. Full rules and instructions for entering are available on the website, expects continued growth on its site. Already it has achieved a sixth place rating among the top sites by as analyzed by sellers, behind Amazon, eBay and Etsy. What sellers have told the raters is they have more visibility on Boocoo, more chance to be noticed than on some of the larger sites. lists boocoo in the top five or six auction sites based on inventory.

Customers tell sales representatives that the site is easy to use, offers great customer service and simple navigation. One online customer remarked:

“I’ve just started selling on boocoo at the end of October… they have a great way of advertising your items to the public. They randomly choose items to be featured in newspapers. Their customer service is just fantastic. When you call, they pick-up on the first ring… They listen to their sellers as to what the sellers need or want, and will update/include that in their Web site.”

Fees to sell on boocoo are about 25 percent below the major e-commerce sites, adding to the profit margin for sellers on this site. emphasizes customer service and a mutual fair feedback system to protect buyers and sellers. Boocoo Assurance is also available to protect purchases. is available to sellers and buyers throughout the United States and Canada offered in partnership by Ranger Data Technologies’ newspaper and television partners.

The company said its next big thrust will be charity auctions. Churches, charities, or virtually any fundraiser could set up a fundraising page with items listed by donors and proceeds going to the charity. This concept allows the fundraising efforts to be shared between the organization and the donors thus conserving costly staff hours.

Ranger Data Technologies offers e-commerce lead and contact management software.


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