TROY — Altair Engineering Inc., developer of the HyperWorks computer-aided engineering software, and Hamburg, Germany-based Simufact Engineering GmbH, a provider of manufacturing simulation systems, announced they have entered a multi-year, cooperative agreement under which Altair’s SimLab will be integrated into Simufact’s process-simulation software.

SimLab is a process-oriented, feature-based software application for finite element modeling that allows its users to quickly and accurately simulate the engineering behavior of complex assemblies. SimLab automates simulation-modeling tasks to reduce human errors and time spent manually creating finite element models and interpreting results. SimLab is not a traditional off-the-shelf pre- and post-processing software but a vertical application development platform to capture and automate simulation processes.

Before Altair acquired SimLab’s meshing technology in November 2010, the software had already been integrated into Simufact products and was used by Simufact as its preferred meshing technology for forming simulation. SimLab’s core technology has since been customized for metal forming simulation applications, and several specialized tools and features have been added to make SimLab the perfect fit for meshing models for process simulation with the Simufact tools. Under the new cooperation agreement, Altair and Simufact will develop additional features and modules for SimLab.

“With this cooperation and by generally providing our technology to third parties, Altair demonstrates once more the openness of its tools and business model,” said Michael Hoffmann, senior vice president, European operations at Altair Engineering. “We will work closely with Simufact’s engineers to further integrate our technology into their products. The advantages of SimLab compared to other meshing tools are its openness for customization and its capability to quickly produce clean and reliable meshes that don’t need a lot of manual adjustments.”

“Simufact is a premium supplier for process simulation in the manufacturing industry, including the integration of world-leading partner technologies into our software solutions,” said Michael Wohlmuth, managing director of Simufact Engineering. “With Altair we found an ideal partner that could provide us with a meshing technology on the highest technological level. SimLab is already fully integrated into the Simufact software and can be handled within the same user interface as the Simufact applications. The product will be constantly improved and developed further to give our customers the experience they are used to from our products, reflecting our strategy to provide practical and easy-to-use applications for manufacturing.”

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