DETROIT — H2bid Inc. the Detroit-based global leader in water infrastructure procurement, has launched an e-bidding service for water and wastewater utilities.

H2bid’s e-bidding service allows water and wastewater utilities to use an online bidding process for all contracts, including all products, projects, and services. It is the first e-bidding service designed specifically for water and wastewater utilities.

H2bid president and CEO Glenn Oliver said the new service is “a paperless bidding process that is more efficient, saves money, and more environmentally friendly than today’s paper-bidding processes. Our team worked hard to build an e-bidding system that is user-friendly and free for utilities to use. There is no license to buy or software to download.”

H2bid’s e-bidding service is a part of H2bid global e-procurement exchange for the water utility industry.

H2bid’s e-procurement exchange contains a growing list of services designed to make water utility procurement more efficient and cost effective. H2bid has the world’s largest clearinghouse of water utility contract opportunities.

“Any company looking for business with water or wastewater utilities will find that H2bid has the largest and most targeted database in the world,” said Oliver.

Companies can register for email alerts of new bid opportunities. H2bid will send email alerts to companies based on a category or key word. If a company only wants bids related to a specific key word, then the user can enter the key word in the Bid Alert registration system. Each day, H2bid’s Bid Alert system will send timely notices of bids that only contain  the key words. This makes H2bid’s bid alert system unique and prevents users from wasting time sorting through irrelevant bids. H2bid has thousands of water and wastewater utility bid opportunities posted on its site each month.

The vast majority of water utilities are publicly owned and have an obligation to use a public bidding process for certain contracts. The traditional public bidding process is paper-based and can be limited to a handful of vendors that are on a bidder’s list or happen to read a newspaper ad. H2bid’s e-bidding service helps the utilities save money by applying simple economic principles: the H2bid exchange provides maximum competition by making the bids available to the entire vendor community, without the need for sending out or receiving paper documents.

H2bid, e-bidding service can be used for all types of purchases, including,  commodities, construction contracts, and consultant contracts.  The service also accommodates sealed bids (requests for proposals, requests for quotes, invitations to bid, invitations to tender, etc), informal quotes, requests for qualifications, sealed bids, and reverse auctions. There is also the capability to permit partial bid responses to help provide opportunities for smaller companies to bid.

Utilities interested in H2bid’s new e-bidding service can go to and click the “E-Bidding for Water Utilities” link.

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