DETROIT (WWJ) – A 101-year-old Detroit woman who was forced to leave her home due to foreclosure will be back in that home in a few weeks.

Texana Hollis had to leave her long-time home after her son failed to make tax payments. But “Say Detroit” stepped in, bought the house back for her, and is remodeling it.

Hollis had a chance to see the renovations on Wednesday.

“Lord … I’m just so thankful to each and every one of you who had a hand in me getting my house back,” she said, through tears.

“Words can’t express how I feel about getting my house back – and especially my kitchen. My mother had me cooking when I was 10 years old and I loved it,” Hollis said.

Donations can be made to Hollis through Say Detroit at this link.

(Catch up on this story here).

Comments (19)
  1. ed says:

    nice to hear once that the right thing happens

    1. taylor says:

      I agree great news for her and thanks to all those that helped.

  2. Dew530 says:

    I thought that Mitch Albom was instrumental in making this happen for Ms Hollis? If true, why didn’t you give some credit where it’s due?

  3. Jim says:

    As long as her stupid son doesn’t move back in…

    1. paula parker says:

      I couldn’t agree more

  4. HP says:

    Actually Ruth, if you read more on this story, her son is a POS:

    That saddest part, is that Texana and her late husband Ira Sr., owned this home outright. So it was bought and paid for.

    But in 2003, Texana’s son Warren admits he convinced his mom to sign that house over to a “reverse mortgage” company in return for a sum of $32,000.

    Money he claims would go to repair the house.

    But that money went to more than just the house. Warren admits he bought a car, made a donation to the church and spent the remaining five thousand dollars on other things.

    Read more:,-101-year-old-woman-evicted-from-her-home#ixzz1pDXxLZUO

  5. Jan Scholl says:

    A very similar thing happened with my mom. After my dad died, her house was paid in full. A brother coerced her into a new mortgage and the “bank” said it was worth 3 times what it really was. We got said mortgage paid off in 5 years and she let him do it again. By that time I was banned from seeing her. She died not knowing her home was in foreclosure and brother had run up thousands on her credit cards as she let him be an authorized user. At least this kind woman has a lot of helpers. We didn’t. House is scheduled for demo and we can’t even get inside to get family items out anymore. All I wanted was photos and maybe a couple of tea cups.

    1. Linda Lynk says:

      Good grief. can’t you contact someone to let you inside to get personal belongings? That’s juts wrong on so many levels.

  6. ImpishLisa says:

    how old is the son? wow. people are money grubbing freaks.

  7. sargentpepper says:

    who on this earth would evict a 101 year old woman? he/she should be charged with elderly abuse.

    1. Sandi says:

      this I agree with 100%…She should have never been evicted in the first place…there is something seriously wrong with our society today…Sigh

  8. p says:

    Which bank worker approved this foreclosure, which supervisor green lighted the foreclosure…geesh! I hope there is KARMA

  9. Howard Gottlieb says:

    So did the lender know they were kicking a 101-year old woman out?

    Howard Gottlieb

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