Three-fourteen is the date, but it’s also the scientific formula for pi.

Pi is the constant ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Not only is March 14th pi day, Albert Einstein, the famed international physicist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, was born on this day in 1879 in northern Germany.

The man – who is considered an international genius – taught himself advanced math and physics, rejecting traditional education as a teen.

This desire and his formal science training as a young adult prepared him for achieving success in the field of physics.

By 1905, he introduced 4 scientific theories that would impact the world. His most famous being the iconic equation: E= MC 2 (squared) — the theory of relativity.

Einstein’s theory showed how a tiny amount of matter could produce an enormous amount of energy. He hoped it would only be used for peaceful purposes but it ended up being the basis for the atomic bomb.

Einstein rewrote the laws of physics before he was 30, and remains to this day, an academic role model for students of all ages, everywhere.

 Content provided by Oakland University

  1. Howard Gottlieb says:

    Hey we have a day for so many people why not Einstein : )

    Howard Gottlieb

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