DETROIT (WWJ) – A Detroit City Councilmen is ranting about a weekly city ritual that’s all for nothing.

Council President Pro Tem Gary Brown Chairs the Public Health and Safety Standing Committee so each week he and two other Council members are charged with hearing appeals from property owners and determining which houses should be torn down reports WWJ Newsradio 950’s Florence Walton.

“Week after week after week I’m going to read off 120 houses, knowing that there is no money to tear them down,” said Brown.

Brown, who has also expressed frustration with the Mayor Bing’s administration over the failure to use $20 million in Fire Insurance Escrow funds to demolish fire damage homes and another $20 million in Block Grant funds for demolition.

Brown looked to suspend the weekly ‘dangerous buildings review process’ until the money is found, but that attempt failed.

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  1. Sally says:

    It would be interesting to know why a committee chairperson can not suspend a meeting or declare a non-meeting. What is in the city charter that prohibits a nonproductive form not being held. The article said Brown’s attempt to suspend the meeting failed. What caused the failure. If the list needs to be read so that when funds become available the buildings are torn down, then meet and read the list. If someone needs to do their job in whatever department (reporter-what department is involved-mayor, council, civil servant?) then follow up with this article with a “Why aren’t these funds being made available?” question to them. Otherwise I take this article as grandstanding by Brown. Maybe as an election ploy-see I did my job but it was wasted effort because the other fellow didn’t do his job and make the funds available for me to complete my job. More information about this whole process is needed.

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