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Doc Thompson grew up just across the lake, east of Cleveland. His earliest memories include his mom listening to Detroit radio in the car so he is very excited to finally be part of it. Doc has very large extended family located all over including a sister and brother-in-law who live in Michigan on the west side of the state.

Doc has been fired by great radio stations all across the country. He has worked in Richmond, Lincoln, and Las Vegas to name a few. He was instrumental in some of those stations winning 5 Marconi Awards, the equivalent of the Academy Award for radio excellence.

Laughing and making people laugh are important to Doc. His medium of choice is of course radio. He dabbles in many styles with sarcasm and satire usually present. Although he is candid and forthright he loves good spirited practical jokes.

His passions include great conversation, travel and good food. His palate is tempted by cheap wine, expensive beer and most things carne (PETA be damned).

His favorite books include Atlas Shrugged and 20,000 Leagues under the Sea.

His favorite movies include; Casablanca, Shawshank Redemption and Groundhog Day.

Doc is slowly leaning to speak Korean which seems a bit premature because he can barley speak English but he is trying to determine if his Korean in-laws are talking about him!

Comments (15)
  1. Confucius Lives! says:

    So glad WRVA (and WLW) fired you. Richmond, VA deserves better.

    P.S. Did you really think you could limit my freedom of expression, you teabagging putz?

  2. Confucius Lives! says:

    What did you during your unemployment? (Hint: sponging off the wife and family don’t count.) I see you didn’t file down your big old buck teeth. Did you finally read the Constitution?

  3. Confucius Lives! says:

    So tell me, Captain Hypocrite, why did WRVA and WLW fire you? Was it all the stupidity? Hypocrisy? Hubris? Or was it just poor ratings?

    1. Confucius Lives! says:

      Or did someone find out your shows were nothing more than duplicates of Rush Limbaugh’s and Glenn Beck’s–i.e. you were a talentless hack?

  4. tim says:

    Doc, We will miss you in Richmond. Good luck.

  5. Bugs Bunny says:

    Doc was fired (rumor has it) for the exploitation of the death of a 7-year old girl in the Richmond, VA area. Also for his many racist and bigoted comments. I could be wrong about this, You might want to research this yourself.. At least that is how Glenn Beck would say something offensive and then try to cover his a**.

  6. Bugs Bunny says:

    @Confucius Lives! – Michael D. Thompson kicks so many people off his FB page just for disagreeing him, But if you agree with him, you can say as many nasty and vulgar things about the minority he is attacking that day. He will not last longer than 2 years working for CBS – the network he often called the Communist Broadcasting system and his attacks on Katie Couric when she was with CBS.

  7. Bugs Bunny says:

    Doc Thompson, formerly of WRVA and 700WLW radio talk show host and sometimes fill-in for the nut-case Glenn Beck, and Tea Party Darling, hides behind a cloak of satire so he can defend his hate speech by saying “can’t you take a joke?” If it is not Muslims, it is African-Americans or Hispanics at the end of his sharp, hateful, mean-spirited forked tongue. In this segment, his use of the recorded word “Negro” over and over is his attempt at dissing African-Americans. Racist to the core.

  8. Dury says:

    Glad to listen to Doc on 1270am in Detroit. Keep up the good fight Doc!

  9. CH res says:

    I”m from Colonial Heights. I know you know you’re in Obama country, and I know you let the smart “butt” comments slide. So to you “open-minded” loving libs, I do love you as human beings, but you’re still idiots.

  10. guybe701 says:

    Check out for many topics. Sad but this is the billboard of our demise. Will you ever say why WRVA let you go or wa s it Clear Channel

    1. Hans Urban says:

      It was Clear Channel’s decision, they are cutting way back on live on air talent, it looks to me that they may down the road only have a hand full of talent and put their shows out to all their talk stations, they have already began doing this in some markets

  11. Zach says:

    Doc – heard you for the first time today as the Glenn Beck “pinch hitter.” As a young conservative, I thought you did an awesome job and I’ll be listening to you more from Minnesota – you got a new listener today. Thanks.

  12. Hans Urban says:

    Hey Doc, Wondered where you took off to, I thought you were on vacation at RVA, I would check on your where abuts periodically between Pags & Michael Berry, the next time you decide to take off choose a better station than this, I mean here you have a 50,000 watt power house that could reach to Buffalo and they beam to the north, what a waste, we all could listen to you everywhere along the lake. even in Mentor, Ashtabula and Erie. where the liberals rein. what a waste of your great talent. O’Well,,,, back to the computer to listen.

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